Gia: Double Her Pleasure

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Me and my girlfriend Faith went out for a little Friday fun girl time. We started at our favorite local spot for drinks and dancing. As we were drinking and having fun two very hot guys approach us and ask to buy us a drink. We are drinking and dancing with these two guys and really just hitting it off. We decide to take the party back to Faith’s house . We arrive and things get crazy and wild as it always does when horny me and drinks are involved. I start talking about I have never given two guys a blow job at the same time and I want to do it. Of course the guys are game.. I kneel down and begin the suck and lick both of there cocks. I felt like such a dirty little whore and I loved it. Faith joins in on the action and we both take turns teasing there cocks. Sharing is caring … CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO AND ALL THE PICTURES  IN MY CLUB!