Dreamnet FAQ

This page is an attempt to answer our most asked questions on Dreamnet.com. It will be continually added to over time.

Are Your Videos Mobile Compatible? The answer to this question is yes and no. Dreamnet has been around since 1997 and not all videos are mobile compatible, however, most women over the last couple of years have been producing mobile compatible videos. You will find that most of our new videos are mobile compatible.

How can I purchase a Dreamgirl’s Via Postal Mail? Download the Postal Mail Form: CLICK HERE to Postal Mail your subscription

How Do I Become A Dreamnet Girl? Visit this area of our Website: How To Become a Dreamgirl Or, just email dreamnetrob@gmail.com a few pictures and introduce yourself!

If I Join A Website How Does It Appear On My Bill? It will appear on your bill as “CCBill.com”

I Cannot See the Free Flash Video On Dreamnet.com?  Visit Adobe’s Flash page and make sure you have the latest version of Flash.

What is going with the different Video Formats? On Dreamnet you will see 2 different video formats: WMV (Windows Media) & MP4 (MPEG 4). Windows media has been around for years and there should be no issue with it playing on your computer. However, over the past couple of years women have started to add MPEG4 videos to their site. MPEG4 is a universal technology that works wonderful with today’s Hi-Def video cameras. It allows for one video format to played across all devices.  If you are not able to view MP4 video then you should visit the support area of your mobile device or operating system manufacturer.  All companies support MP4 today.

I’m running Microsoft Windows and cannot view MP4 video? Visit Microsoft’s Support Page for help on solving your problem.

I’m running Mac OSX and I cannot view Windows Media Files? Visit Flip4Mac (Microsoft Owned) and install the FREE Windows Media Player for OSX and you’ll be able to see the majority of WMV movies in your Quicktime Player.