Rebecca: What’s Under Your Tree

Happy Holidays – What’s Under Your Tree?

Happy Holidays everyone!  While I know I will be updating next week on Christmas Eve, I want to make sure to greet you all this week whether you are Christian or not.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah,   Happy Festivus and Happy Kwaanza to everyone out there as well!  I am really grateful to be sharing with you at this time of year, so thank you for receiving my “gift of giving” myself to all of you!  If you are traveling or staying put, please be safe!  Whether spending time with a large group of family and friends or alone, all I ask that you spend a little time with me and tell me how life is with you.  Like Santa, I have something for everyone whether you are naughty or nice.

So were you a good boy/girl this year?  Or were you one of those naughty ones?  Did you get me something?  What?  You don’t believe in Rebecca Claus?  Well grab that mistletoe and  CLICK HERE so we can warm your chestnuts by the fire!!


Rebecca: Technically Compatible

Rebecca’s Technically Compatible Tribute Update

I’ve been on Dreamnet for over 11 years now, but the other day I received something that shocked me and totally turned me on.  At first I giggled, but then upon watching over and over, I was totally turned on.  I’ve been recently been made aware of this thing called a tribute and what happens is that a man takes an image of me and cums all over it.  Well this gentleman took a video of himself giving me a tribute, but what was really crazy was listening to him talk and then finally shooting all over my photo.  What was really special is that he came all over his computer screen!  I loved hearing him release as he did it.  So naughty!  This shoot has photos that are specifically designed for tributes. Are you willing to cum all over your device for me?  If yes, read on.

This is so hot and I am challenging my members to get me a tribute.  If you do one, I have special instructions.  Do NOT send them to me via email.  Just let me know if you made one and then I will give you specific instructions so that I can see what  you did and get turned on!  So are you ready to see what I have for you?  Get out your handy dandy device out and CLICK HERE!!

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Rebecca: Behind The Scene

Behind the Scenes – Alone with the Knight!
(Computer & Mobile Compatible Video)

If you watch Rebecca & The Knight together, you will see what happens when a real White MILF meets a BBC and commits not only her body, but her mind, to the man. When she films with the bright lights on, take a listen and you will notice the difference when 1) they lower the lights to a more romantic setting, and 2) when they are completely alone. This combination is why fans come back time and again to watch these two. You will notice around the 2:30 mark of this video there is a sudden transformation when Rebecca realizes they have been left alone as the door closes. She is finally alone with the man she has an uncanny chemistry with and let’s go until he launches his cream deep inside her womb as she begs for him to cum. Listen as the Knight lets out a roar and her cries of total submissiveness lead to a whimper of naughty satisfaction. This is what interracial is all about.

Yes, this video takes place after their main encounter with other people circling the bed.  If you want to see the fully lit encounter that precedes this video, check out (Sold Separately).

But first, you must check out this week’s update: CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: Catching Up!

Catching Up With Rebecca – An Interview Update!

Recently a blog that I interviewed with almost 8 years ago asked if they could ask me more questions to update my profile.  I looked at the old responses and figured that I should update my answers and re-tell my story to everyone in case you all forgot who I am, why I’m here, what I like to do, what I don’t like to do.  I do get lots of questions all the time that I assume people already know, so that is why I thought I’d take many of those questions, and provide you all with the short answers.

So you want to learn and know more about me?  This is the update that should answer most of your questions. I have no secrets from my lovers and friends.  It is amazing to see how much about me has changed since then and I am more than happy to let you get a peek under the sheets for you to learn about me a little more.  CLICK HERE to hear some of my deepest darkest secrets!!


Rebecca: November Valentine’s

Rebecca Wants to Celebrate Valentine In November!

I know  you are thinking why would she want to celebrate Valentine in November?  Well first of all, the flowers and candy are cheaper.  I don’t want people to benefit from the fact that someone sent me a Hallmark card!  And besides, I tend to find myself hornier in the Holiday season when it is colder.  I mean, you have to think that is why there are so many kids are born in the months of July and August!  Nobody wants to be alone in a cold bed in November so that is why I think I tend to be more romantic this time of year.

It is that time of year again and you shouldn’t be alone.  Well that’s good because I am here for you and hopefully you are here for me too!  So help me start a new trend and celebrate Valentines in November. CLICK HERE if you want to get hot and horny with me!

Rebecca: Reunited Dreamlovers Part 2

Reunited Dreamlovers Pictorial
(part 2 – just Turning Out the Lights)!

As I mentioned in Part 1, I’m not a big fan of making love under the hot lights, so the Knight and I agreed to get our video done under the hot lights so that we could turn the lights off and relax in the embrace in the natural warmth of each other’s bodies.  Those camera lights are so harsh anyway.  I mean, when I closed my eyes to feel his tongue on my pussy and then looked into bright lights rather than his eyes and a camera in my face, I remembered why I prefer to remain an amateur adult artist.  Making love to the Knight is so much better when the lights get turned down and everyone leaves us alone so that we can show each other how we feel about each other.  Well before the lights went out he sure made a mess!  The best part was how he started by unloading inside me and then squirting all over the outside of my pussy and on my front side. Did I mention he didn’t use a condom?  I couldn’t believe how he seduced me again!  Remember to see the movie of this pictorial, go here:

Catch these last photos before we turned off the lights.  We really wanted people to see the difference between how my videos and pictorials look before and after the lights were turned off.   So enjoy this set because next month you better be ready for the next videos and photos because I think you will see how while the quality of the photos and videos might be a little darker, you will see how much more intense the love making will be.  CLICK HERE!



Rebecca: Dynasty!

Rebecca is a Dynasty – A Member Tribute!

We all know that for over a decade Rebecca has been honoring the Web and her members with one of the most incredible asses on the Web. You might say that she has established herself as a dynasty when it comes to amateur models on the Web. So what better way to honor this year’s World Series Champions who are now a dynasty with the woman who is a dynasty of her own, Rebecca!! We all know Rebecca is a sports connoisseur and she even correctly predicted the eventual World Series champion. Most champions get a big parade but for Rebecca we give her a Champion’s jersey. For those of you who think baseball is boring, we think Rebecca can help change your mind. We’ve seen her in jerseys and hats of past champions, so this week we honor the winner of 3 of the last 5 World Series.

(Note: This update and MOST of the captions are written by a member who made an incredible prediction to me back in April. He donated for the right to send me the items worn in this pictorial and send me many phrases and comments under the photos. Most opinions are not that of

Hey guys!  You know I really am a Cleveland fan, but I proudly am honoring this member who was the only member in my poll who not only picked the Giants to win the World Series, but asked that if they won if he could send me some items to wear.  I forgot until he sent me a copy of the email where I agreed as long as he paid for it and wrote a bunch of captions for me.  I have to admit, he did some good writing and I hope to bring sexy to baseball. CLICK HERE to put your bat on my balls!  Also see my prediction about who I predict will win next year!

Rebecca: Reunited Dreamlovers

Rebecca Is Reunited with DFW Knight!!

Well I told you this was coming although I really never thought it would!  People have been asking for years to see me with the Knight again.  We went viral back then and when people asked me why our videos were so great, I really couldn’t pick anything out.  Then my fans started telling me that it was about how authentic and real it all was.  It really was.  There was that first meeting in our hotel, then a meeting for a whole 2 days at our weekend house and then a follow up visit by him to California.  It all came back to me how well we worked together.  It wasn’t any one thing, it was the chemistry we had.  In a way, that is what was different.  Real porn doesn’t have chemistry, but we do.  In the back of my mind that is probably why it took so long.  I knew I had feelings for him that I couldn’t control.  So this time my husband didn’t tell me until a couple days before.  He just told me we were going out to dinner.  Then when it came time I told him dinner was it. Well as my husband says, I just can’t help myself.

Like high school sweethearts being back in each other’s arms was so easy! It was like we never left.  Like I said, I never intended to do anything more than have dinner.  But as dinner moved on it became clear we were going back to his room and he had all the equipment and lights ready.  I told him we were going to be safe and use a condom too, but somewhere along the way that was not going to happen.  We stayed up all night long.  Watch this first scene as he gets me hot and ready.  You want to watch real interracial cheating HOT romance? CLICK HERE!



Rebecca: Is The Black Widow!

Rebecca Is The Black Widow This Halloween!

Hey there you Halloweenies!  Well I was looking around and couldn’t find a good costume for Halloween this year.  And a member was going to send me one, but it doesn’t look like his package is going to arrive on time.  I mean costumes are fun, but I’ve never really gotten into the mode of buying a sexy costume when it is going to come off pretty quick anyway.  Besides they are usually hot and uncomfortable.  Besides, what costume is hotter than just being a hot sexy wife, right?  So let’s get down to some tricks and treats!

Happy Halloween! Since my next update is actually the day before Halloween, I thought I’d show off a a little bit earlier.  In case you want to get a costume that matches mine, you can find something good.  What am I wearing for my real costume in public?  You’ll have to come inside and find out.  Then let’s see if you can find me on the streets!  Are you a warewolf?  Come inside and let me see if I can make you howl at the moon!  CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Goes Tit for Tat!

Rebecca Goes Tit for Tat!!

Isn’t life full of conundrums?  We are about to come upon more of life’s decisions in a few weeks when the elections come for voting.  Well I am here to help you to practice making decisions!! We’ll start with some of life’s easy questions and then get to brass tacks with the harder ones! Do any of you out there need help making those difficult questions?  I’m pretty good at analysis and then helping people make them.  In fact, if you were to go on a date with me, I’d play 20 questions to learn about you.  Can you handle that?  Are you up to the test?  Well good, let’s see if you pass.

Yes, I am here to be your gal pal. I mean if you want to be my friend and know what I’d do or choose then tell me what your answer to some of life’s most difficult questions. I want you to go through these questions and let me know what you choose! I want to hear from my true fans as to what your responses will be. When I gather all the responses I will post the majority response to each question. So CLICK HERE and make sure you answer them all and send me your responses. I will post the answer percentage next week on my blog!