Rebecca: Issues a BJ Challenge

The Dreamnet BJ Challenge by Rebecca Gives to a Worthy Cause

Many of you have seen the videos out there that relate to a certain disease and have an associated “Ice Bucket Challenge” that goes with it. In fact, I have done the real challenge myself, but wanted to put a sexy spin on things. I have a member who has an early diagnosis of this disease and he thought this was a great idea.

I thought it would be cute if us Dreamgirls could do the same thing with a slight twist. I don’t want anyone to catch a cold so I made a couple changes! My challenge is that in support of the fight against this disease, I am doing at least a 5 minute blow job video (actually around double that length) in which I can take either a facial or swallow everything. If I don’t complete it, I donate $10 to the fight against this disease. In this spirit I hope each person who accepts and does this challenge will nominate 3 other girls to accept the challenge or donate to this worthy cause. If you choose to accept the challenge, you have a week to do it! Oh and of course if members want to do it or have it done to them, we’d love to see it! Let’s get all the Dreamgirls to do it! So as the first, I accept this challenge, I will also of my own accord donate $250 to the cause. I would also like to nominate 3 of Dreamnet’s finest to next take this challenge! Dawn Marie, Elli, and Faith … I nominate the 3 of you! Best of luck!

Watch me give this Blow Job for a worthy cause! CLICK HERE!

Actor’s note: I know a couple people have suffered and lost their lives to this disease and before I go on with this update wanted to say that I have total respect and compassion for those that are suffering. This update is meant to be a sexy off-shoot and should no way be considered to be endorsed by the same disease or cause.


Rebecca: Wants To Share

Rebecca’s Got A Big Black Dildo!

My boyfriend was sick and my hubby was out of town so I was all alone talking with my online girlfriend about the business and how she wants to get into shooting naked on the web.  We started talking and she said maybe for the first time she can shoot with someone else and preferably another woman like me.  She suggested that maybe we could do a double dildo scene like I did with Christina Noir where we got the whole thing inside of us until we were touching pussies.  I was alone and oh so horny.  It got me thinking.  Where was that dildo!  I needed it!      

Never ever let your wife or girlfriend be alone or horny!  It is a travesty.  I hope my girlfriend reads and sees this so she knows what kind of state she put me in!  You know when you have an itch that you just need to scratch?  Well my itch was way back there and I needed another person around to help get on the other end of my dildo.  I didn’t take all 20 inches, but I took the majority. LOL!  CLICK HERE if you want to see exactly how much was left for you!

Rebecca: Midnight Snack

Rebecca’s Chocolate Midnight Snack
Interracial Video!

Having a lover is both exhausting and fulfilling. As I don’t live with my lover full time I often have to go see him at the spur of the moment when he needs me, or more often than not, when I need him. I will never let him go unsatisfied. If I don’t service my boyfriend he might find someone else do that and I am the greedy type. I do NOT like to share.

So one night I was sitting up answering emails when I got a text that he needed me “RIGHT NOW” and that he was hungry. I jumped out of bed and ran over immediately. It is about a 10 minute drive. I raced over in my teddy, some boots and an overcoat. My poor husband had been brushing his teeth and taking a shower before bedtime. When he got to bed, he found I had picked up my overnight bag and left a note on his pillow and let him know that I had an “emergency” and that he needed to cover for me.

It was midnight by the time I got to my lover’s house, but that was fine.  A good lover never leaves her man hanging or hungry!  I gave him the best midnight snack possible and left him so satisfied he slept very sound purring away as I curled around his massive body …  CLICK HERE! 


Rebecca: Going Global

Rebecca’s Office is Going Global!

So my boyfriend said he wanted to do something really special for me and for us to go somewhere unique for our vacation.  Someplace that I’ve never been before and that would be all our own.  Well I had no idea that I would be traveling to a place that no other Dreamgirl had ever done a shoot before.  In fact, I’m sure it is illegal to do that there.  The rules are strict and to be somewhere strange alone was a little out of the ordinary.  I was definitely scared and my lover was in complete control of my destiny.  Needless to say I had lots of fun and it was a unique experience.      

 Can you figure out where he took me?  It was a culture shock for sure and some place I had never imagined going.  I’m pretty sure this is a Dreamnet first.  In fact it was weird for me to have people staring at me wherever we went. Like they’d never seen a porn star before!  LOL!  CLICK HERE if you want to see where Rebecca is opening up her new office.  You’ll never guess.


Rebecca: The Seduction of … Part 4

The Seduction of Rebecca – The Final Conversion (No More Hubby) Interracial Video!

Many people notice that my videos are often done on a tripod.   That is because I am not a big fan of having an audience in my room when I make love.  I just can’t relax when people are watching or talking.  Seeing a camera in your face is also uncomfortable.  As you watch this video, listen at the very beginning as you hear the door open and close.  That is my husband leaving after I told him to go home.  After all, this night was my husband’s anniversary present to me.  I was going to cherish every minute of my lover and was not going to share it with anyone.    

Now when you see me alone with my lover you can see that I can just relax and enjoy his cock and the feel of his gorgeous body possessing me.  What you can’t hear is his telling me to come by the following week and the week after that and so on.  When a woman like me lets another man like this specimen inside her,  she’s never going to stop.  Watch as he just keeps drawing orgasm after orgasm out of me.  I couldn’t control myself.  I wanted more and more of him until my body lay limp on the bed.   This is why I am not a pro.  Cherishing my lovers alone and making love is what I am about.  It’s not about a movie or money.  It’s about two people making love.  That way I can give them every ounce of my attention. CLICK HERE! 



Can you score on Rebecca?!

I know it has been a couple of weeks since the World Cup, but I really got caught up in the spirit this year more than ever.  I liked the way people rallied together around their countries and watching the incredible athleticism and awful acting was quite entertaining although the lack of productivity in my office was quite lacking!  If you didn’t notice, I held a contest to see which country would have the most enthusiasm and agreed that I would sport the colors of the country most supported.  Quite frankly I was quite surprised by the outcome!    

When this started, I imagined seeing myself in the colors of Neymar, Khlose or Messi.  Or maybe even Dempsey!?  In the end though, the Mexicans got the most support and quite frankly they and their coach were quite entertaining during the World Cup.  There was one thing I did not like about soccer!  They didn’t use their hands.  Want to see some real scoring? CLICK HERE if you want to see some real action!! 

Rebecca: Slippery When Wet!

Rebecca is Slippery When Wet!

There is nothing better or finer for me than taking a long warm bath with nice aromatic soaps.  Their scents are so therapeutic and intoxicating after a long day!  Sometimes I just fall asleep dreaming of somebody else in the tub with me, running their hands all over my body and massaging all my cares and aches away. Mmmmm.  Is that you? I can’t see you through the mist of all the steam here.   Well whomever it is, come on in and lather up.    

 I love a large whirlpool tub that fits more than one! I love big hotel tubs and like to bring over my own soaps if they don’t already have their own spa line. After a long day of shooting with a lover or lovers, I’ll just take a long soak to relax my body after they’ve bent me into all different shapes and angles.  Would you like to help me relax?   CLICK HERE if you want hop in with me, but be careful, the marble is slippery when wet and so am I!!   


Rebecca: Hurricane is Coming

Hurricane Rebecca is Coming!

All of these climate changes are so screwy!  I was just at a seaside wedding and my poor friend spent the whole time worrying about whether her 6 months of planning was going to all go for naught.  Well, I will tell you that I’m not one to sit around for a storm to come ruin my day!  I seized the opportunity to take some photos for you.  No Coast Guard, storm, or whatever is going to ruin my day or mood!  I do hope all of you who recently got hit by the hurricanes along the Eastern coast of the US are okay.  If so, this photo set is dedicated to you!  Lemonade out of lemons?  You bet ya!    

 The funny thing is that we were warned for several days that a storm might hit.  These photos were taken the day before and it was a beautifully still day and 90 degrees.  We moved the wedding up a day and then the day of the storm…….NOTHING!!!  Maybe a breezier day and it sprinkled a bit with some passing clouds, but after that nothing happened.  Nothing got blown over.  Sand bags, boarded windows and a whole lot of worrying meant nothing.  WELL!!!  I wanted a storm!  I’m gonna give you all a big storm!  Let’s see what you think about Hurricane Rebecca!  CLICK HERE if you want to be caught in my HURRICANE!

Rebecca: Says I Believe …

Rebecca says I Believe and is Red, White and Blue for You!

Wow, the USA run is over, but I have World Cup fever now!  Does that mean I am a soccer mom?  LOL!  Well what it does mean is that I am still going to remain patriotic for July 4th!   I’m going to be proud and wear the Red White and Blue for you this coming weekend for the US Independence Day.  Yes, I will be the All American Girl for you guys out there.  Oh, and you get to see me in more of my new white heels!  The American chant during the World Cup was “I Believe”.  Do you Believe?  Do you believe in Rebecca?   I want to see and hear it!  Send me your patriotic tributes.  July 4th is all about the hot dog!  Let me see what kind of condiments your hot dogs can provide!   

 Didn’t like my bikini update from last week?  Well maybe I’ll just wear my country’s colors on the beach instead!  I will be the All American Girl, but for those of you who are not fans of America and say ‘F#$% America”, well I will just let you bend me over and take it for my country!  HA-HA.   Of course I am kidding! America the Beautiful, America the Home of the Brave, etc.  Seriously!  Let’s celebrate!  Gimme your hot dogs, your ice cream and let’s have some fun! Come on and “Celebrate with me by CLICKING HERE”!


Rebecca: Bikini Days 2014

Rebecca’s Bikini Days 2014 – Peeping Toms!

As a new girl on Dreamnet a fan sent me a bikini to wear and said that every year I need to get a new bathing suit to wear each summer.  I laughed to myself thinking that would be the one and only time I’d be taking a bathing suit off on the web pages of Dreamnet.  Well 11 years later I’m still doing just that.  I’ve worn many over the years and this year is no different.  Once again a member has sent me a new one.  I love it.  You guys seem to think I look good in polka dots.  I like this year’s design which is a throwback style with boy shorts.  The color is bright so I think you should have no trouble spotting me on the beach this summer! Well I love it and took it with me on my first trip of the summer!  Some people even saw me showing and taking it off.  

 Are you ready to hit the beaches and pools this summer?  I really love this new bikini.  I think I can wear it anywhere from the beach at Santa Monica to the pools on the Strip in Vegas to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, don’t you think?  Yep, Rebecca is going international this summer! And I want to take you with me!  Come on!  Click HERE and join me and my adventures this summer!