Rebecca: Submits to Your Domination

Rebecca Submits to Your Domination Your In Control!

My recent poll on my blog ( asked members if they were more of a domination preferred lover or a submissive lover.  Overwhelmingly you all told me that you’d like to be a dominant lover.  I’ve always been a “type A” control freak in my work, family life, school, etc., but since I’ve come on to Dreamnet, I’ve learned to let loose and let myself lose control and put my pleasure  in the hands of my lover or lovers.  It has allowed me to find new pleasures I never imagined.  I guess sex is an experiential learning process.  So if you could have me submit to you.  What would you do to me?  Would you make it rough?  I found I like it that way.

So have you been fantasizing about me and what you want to do to a woman who will submit to your every wish and desire?  I’d love to sit back and do as you wish.  Teach me something new and tell me what you want to give to me or take from me.  This week I belong to you! I’m waiting for you inside.  I’m taking down orders. Make sure you supply your own tools (ropes, whips, etc.)  CLICK HERE TO COME INSIDE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO ME!


Rebecca: Private Dancer

Rebecca is Your Private Dancer – HD Video!
(Computer & Mobile Compatible Video)

After last week’s update I got lots of questions about my experience or experiences as a stripper.

For those who don’t know, I do not strip professionally, but have danced at least a dozen times on a pole in clubs. My first introduction came about long before Dreamnet. My husband had gotten me drunk in Vegas and we went to this hole in the wall strip club where we would not be seen and the drinks and hors d’oeuvres would were $2. We did not know it was Amateur night and after lots of prompting I somehow ended up on stage with 3 other women. I really don’t remember how I won, but my husband said the competition was poor and I took off everything when nobody else did! A few years later we met a guy who you’ve come to know as “The Boss” through my videos. I did not know he worked at a local strip club, but my husband bragged about my one experience. Well next thing you know, he starts taking me to his club having me give him private dances in his VIP room and occasionally I played around on a small pole stage in the slow hours for him. Eventually he had me dance for a couple strangers. I have to admit that I am not a good dancer (they call them feature dancers), but I got good in the VIP room giving lap dances. I have to admit I did enjoy the feel of a stranger touching me and standing up and gyrating in a smoky room full of men with erections and with the lights on me and then when in private seeing if I could feel them get hard in their pants as I sat on their lap and they let their fingers wander where they weren’t supposed to go.

Well I always wondered what it would be like to take these guys home and do it in the privacy of my own home. When I got my new stripper pole it gave me some new fantasies. I would probably have the same rules as the club where I can’t ever lose contact with the pole or it would be a violation.

So if you want to come over for that Private Dance, CLICK HERE and give the magic password.


Rebecca: Assercise Pole!

Rebecca’s Working Out Dat’ Ass!

Many of you have come to worship my backside.  I love it.  People ask me all the time what do I do to keep it in shape.  I guess I have good genes!  Well to be honest I do exercise.  One of the things I found to be a good source of toning  for a woman’s core are Exercise Stripper Poles.  When I dance at the club it is a bit of an exercise as well as a nice dance partner!  Ha Ha!  Seriously, since I really don’t dance at gentlemen’s clubs as a profession I just have to exercise on my limited free time.  Recently one of my connoisseur ass members asked if he could buy me a stripper pole for my home so I could work on by back side!  Now thanks to him I have a great portable pole to work on my routines from home and tone my backside!

Want to see how I work my rear end on your dance pole?  I do have to thank Member Bob for this wonderful new pole.  And because of his generosity this update includes extra focus on my derriere.   Well I must admit that I have a secret.  Stripper poles are such a turn on.  When I am at the club I always keep one hand on the pole but I have this one move that I love to do.  For those of you who have see me do it live, don’t tell anyone because it is a secret.  If you haven’t seen it, then come inside and learn my secret? CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM WITH REBECCA!

Rebecca: Is in a June Swoon

Rebecca is in a June Swoon See Through Dress – See Why!

Ah June, it is one of my favorite months of the year as the horniness of Spring is just over and now we can start with Summer.  We have Summer Lovin’, Summer Vacations. June Brides and of course for you fashion police out there it means that now that Memorial Day is over that we ladies can all now wear white!  White shoes, white dresses, white scarves!  But the fashion tip for all you ladies out there is that white must be worn carefully as you can see through the fabric especially when there is a lot of sun.  Yes this update is so full of fashion tips it will make your head spin. In most companies I have worked in, they have made Fridays a casual day in our office.  That means nice jeans are allowed and suits and ties are not required. I was thinking we might also do something for Wednesdays?  Tie dye?  Black Wednesdays?  Oh … how about Nude Wednesdays?  We’ll have to take a Company-wide vote.

Can you see through my dress?  What aren’t you looking into my eyes?  Oh my gosh, you are looking at my nipples!  You naughty pervert! LOL!  Would you like to see more?  Well I guess if you can already see through my dress that there is no reason to hide anything anymore.  Come inside and see Rebecca’s White Reveal.  Now I think I know why all the guys were staring at me this morning.



Rebecca: Strangers Videotape Me!

Stranger Videotaped Me – Never Go Back
(Computer & Mobile Compatible Video)

When I received this movie in an email, I was stupefied. I asked my husband and he racked his brain to figure out where it came from. He had never seen it before. The emailer asked if it was me, as he told me that he had been watching that video for 10 years as he had taken it one evening in Southern California and had been fantasizing about the woman in that video until he found my site. I asked him about it and suddenly it all came back to me. I had blocked that time out of my life out of my memory. It is when I first started really sleeping with other men. A woman never wants to be called a slut, but in that time in my life I was. I had discovered the need to just have incredible sex with my new found lovers and fortunately there was a local hotel venue in the town over that catered to my needs. The hotel catered to women and couples to have sex in a semi-private. It was a swinger hotel. Don’t you love California? It was a couple town over from where we lived. We had just moved there and the chance of running into someone we knew was highly unlikely.

In the hotel, women or couples got a room. If you left your shades open that meant you wanted others to watch or take pictures. On some floors if you left the doors open, you wanted people to come in and play with you. On others you wanted people to come in and get close to the action. The only rule was that only one person was allowed to come in and watch at a time.

At this time I used to get a room while my husband went to watch others. I would invite some of my black lovers to come keep me company for the evening. This is the first time I met Billy and we really put on a show for the voyeurs. He was such a good lover and very well-endowed. There were several people who came in to our room over the course of the evening to take pictures and videotape this white mom having unprotected sex with strangers. I felt so naughty and Billy kept telling them that this is what happens to your wife when she goes black. He made me tell those who came into the room I would never go back to my husband. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO THAT IS SOLD SEPARATELY ON DREAMNET’S CLIP SITE!

Note: This movie is a bit of an out of body experience since I have no recollection at all of doing this! The fan who sent this to me said that he remembers me being so submissive and doing whatever my lovers told me to do. The part he said that he did not capture that turned him on was that the photographer told him was that I had asked Billy to use a condom and he said no before sliding his bare cock into me. My fan said that he had to leave the room because there was another guy who he assumed to be my husband taking pictures and they were getting in each other’s videos and photos so they took turns entering and leaving the room. I am so glad that someone captured this video. It probably captures me at a very interesting time in my life.


Rebecca: Is Stuck in a Tight Fit

Rebecca Stuck In a Tight Fit … The Tighter The Better!

Remember when you were younger in school when you got in trouble and the teacher sent you to sit in the corner?  Well I thought I’d try it in my office.  I have this great tight little corner alcove in my office.  For the longest time I could not figure out what to put there.  It was this tight little corner where you couldn’t put a shelf or a desk or a lamp.  Then one day my lover dropped by and I closed the door, pushed him into the corner and gave him a bj where nobody could see us.  I then got the idea!  This would be a great place to bring the punishment corner to the professional office space. I would not use it for punishment though . I would use it for encouragement! I would show my guys what it means to please their boss.  You see, I’m a good motivator.  So let’s get started, shall we?   

Having trouble getting motivated and work?  Sometimes it is all about the right piece of mind.  If I see you are having a trouble getting it up or motivated for work, then maybe you need to come see me, sit in the corner, pull down your pants and show me how dedicated you are to me and this company.  I want to see your enthusiasm and to watch you give it your all.  If you need some special tips and tricks I am always here for more counseling!  CLICK HERE AND COME INTO MY CORNER.  IT’S A TIGHT FIT.

Rebecca: Double Bonus Update!

Trailer Sneak Preview – Rebecca’s Never Going Back!

Dreamnet will soon be selling a new clip on the Dreamnet Clips site that caught me off-guard.  I didn’t want you all to wait to see it, so we thought we’d share with you a little trailer.  You see, the video was shot by a stranger.  When I first started getting into BBC, I would go to this swinger motel in an adjacent town and hook up with my friends.   As I mentioned, this was a swinger hotel, so strangers could watch, take pictures and even video if you let them.  Well back then my husband loved to let people see me and had told this one videographer voyeur that I was never going back to non-black cock.

Well the other day, I got two pieces of video sent to me asking me if I was the woman in the video.  This videographer told me that he had been looking at the video for years dreaming of the woman.  It was me!  He was more than happy to let me use it for my members to see.  I hope this little snippet wets your appetite for the full clips when they come out!  You will find them on when they are released.  Until then, please enjoy this sneak preview.   CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!


Bare Back Modeling Dirty Talk Turns Me On!

So a couple of months ago I was doing a video and photo shoot modeling lingerie for some guys who turned out to be fakes.  People asked if I liked modeling for strangers and if it turned me on.  I have to admit that it does.  I mean, that is why I model on Dreamnet.  I am flattered that men find my body worth looking at, but even more so, I like hearing the dirty thoughts that I inspire within men.  So when my members write to me and tell me what they thought or felt when they saw my latest set, it turns me on to no end.  I mean, can you imagine the emails I come home to after a long day at the office?  It is such a turn on and I appreciate it.  I mean, can you imagine all those other working women out there who have to deal with comments about how dirty their house is or how they need to pay the mortgage or having to deal with other daily matters?  Instead I get wonderful comments about how much someone wants to take me home with them and appreciate me.

So what do people say and what turns me on?  Well first of all the guys who took the video and photos were 20 something pranksters, but they were pretty nice looking so this middle-aged lady doesn’t mind a nice complement from a young buck or two.  When I arrived at their studio, they were so nice, but kiddingly inappropriate.  They showed me the dressing area but kiddingly whistled and said they wouldn’t be adverse to my dressing and undressing in front of them.  I looked and smirked.  The lead guy shrugged his shoulders and said, “You can’t fault a guy for asking”. I told him that I was glad that they at least wanted to see me naked, so the comments would be welcome.   They were ready and nastier than I imagined.    CLICK HERE TO HEAR SOME OF THEIR COMMENTS and GIVE ME YOURS!



Rebecca: Letting Everyone See

Pre-Summer Special: Rebecca’s Getting Hot & Letting Everyone See

This one is a voyeur special.  The day we shot this, it was over 100 degrees outside and wearing stockings, I was boiling.  Not to mention that my new building is extremely old and has no air-conditioning.  Who knows with global warming what the summer will be like this year, but here it is always hot and a cool breeze is a must.  I always enjoy this time of year as all of us are feeling frisky with Spring Freshness in the year.  I never understood what it was about the Springtime which made people want to procreate, but I realize that the heavy and warm air along with blooming flowers and sudden rain showers are like a cleansing!  Each year I am renewed.  It doesn’t mean I am a virgin.  It just means that I feel like I’m ready to meet a whole new batch of young (and older) lovers onto my site and discover their desires and help to try and fulfill them.   I wonder what they will want from me!  Across the street from me are a bunch of accounting and lawyer types!  I love geeks!  Pocket protectors are like condoms for shirts!  Maybe I should give them a show!    

Yeah, how does that song go?  It’s getting hot in here?  Gotta take off all my clothes? I have to say that my favorite thing about Dreamnet is that each week thousands of men get to see me naked!  And then they give me naughty and sexy feedback.  It is such a good feeling.  When a young guy tells me he wants me, I feel so youthful.  When an older guy tells me I am such a turn on, it makes me feel young and desirable too! So I stood there in the window for everyone to see.  I wonder if anyone took time to start out the window and get a good luck at me.  Unfortunately we are on the 19th floor or the people on the street could have seen.    CLICK HERE TO GET A WINDOW VOYEUR SHOW LIKE THEY GIVE IN AMSTERDAM!

Rebecca: Shares Her Secrets

Rebecca has Secrets in the Attic & Tells You How To Be a Dreamnet Model!

So you want to know how posing naked on the web works and how I personally handle it?  Do you want to be on Dreamnet or want your wife to be on Dreamnet?  Well then this is the update for you where you learn how it all works.  I’ve been getting lots of questions lately from members about spoiling me, sending me things, meeting me, etc.  This is nothing new and all girls on Dreamnet get these kinds of requests daily.  I’ve been on here almost a dozen years here and I just want to make sure you all know how Dreamnet works, why I’m on here like I am and what to expect from me.  Hopefully when reading this update you’ll all get a better understanding of what I like to do behind the scenes, how I am on Dreamnet and why I am on Dreamnet.  I think every girl on Dreamnet probably handles things differently and I am very much the same.  So I hope to answer some of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.  I’ve never answered some of these questions before so I hope you will enjoy hearing some very secret information about me.   

What do I do with all my clothes I wear?  Why do I do this on Dreamnet? What do I spend the money earn on? How long does it take to do this?  Will I do this forever?  What pisses me off?  How involved is my husband? Do I really have a BBC boyfriend? How have I not missed a single update in over 12 years!  I am very serious about this hobby and I treat it like any other job.  If I do something, I need to do it right or not at all.  Yes, I am the perfect model employee!  I lead by example and I expect you to follow me.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN THE SECRETS OF REBECCA!


Rebecca: Shimmy & Shake

Rebecca in Open Hose Tricked into Dancing for Strangers ~ HD Video!

As you saw in my last video, a couple of idiots pretended to be commercial photographers and videographers for a clothing website and paid me for a few hours of modeling for them.  They paid me well but I later found that they weren’t professionals at all.  It turns out they picked me out on a modeling website and also had seen me dance at a small local Gentleman’s Club where sometimes my boyfriend likes to show off and shake it for some of the patrons and hear them hoot and holler and watch them stuff bills in my g-string.  When they presented me with backless pantyhose and did not give me a top, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to model them.  It was hard to dance for these two young men.  I had started to get suspicious.  Both had big erections. And I could tell that I was turning them on!   

It felt weird to be walking around topless in front of two strangers who were giggling as they filmed me and kept telling me what to do.  I was supposed to be showing off these hose for potential buyers.  Then at one point the main guy asked if I ever danced a striptease?  I told him I had a couple times.  In fact my supposed move that most men at the club like is when I lean up against the pole and then shake and shimmy to make my ass jiggle.  They asked if I could sex it up for the viewers, so I decided to make that move since the pantyhose had an open back. After I modeled these though, I knew something strange was up.  I am so glad I got this video back from them.   CLICK HERE TO SEE ME SHIMMY and SHAKE ON CAMERA FOR THE FIRST TIME.