Rebecca: Animalistic – MILF Hunter!

Rebecca is Animalistic – MILF Hunter!

I think I now know why women are often referred to felines!  Because cats are always on the prowl.  I mean, don’t you always see women with cougar or leopard print dresses.  It is also because they like to be hunted down.   And I guess when we wear our leopard prints that we become the most hunted species out there.  Now I understand why they might be hunting us for our fur.  Have you researched your prey?  If not, let’s help you learn about the habitat of this species!

So you like to hunt cougars?!  They really are a domestic cat and not considered dangerous.  Any hunting of this species must be done with care.  You will need to set traps that are humane in nature.  They don’t have any calws or fangs and some might even call them cute.  There aren’t many wild ones, but this particular feline is a rare breed.  CLICK HERE to come inside as we follow her in her habitat.


Rebecca: Rides BBC Again!

Rebecca Rides Again!

Rebecca loves to call her young stud whenever she needs a little satisfaction. He always seems to be a ready and willing participant. It doesn’t hurt that he lives nearby although he has roommates. Her young bull is always so intense and makes our Cougar feel like a panther as she sneaks into a hotel room and lets this young gentleman have his way with her.

As you can see this Young Bull does not wait around. As she leads him to bed he immediately jumps on top of Rebecca and gives her little time to warm up before he’s got her legs up over her head, then flips her over, grabs her hips and rams her until tears come out of her eyes. That is only the beginning until you see her at her best, a reverse cowgirl as she rides her young bull like a rodeo champ. All we can say is Yeee-Hah! Ride em Rebecca  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 20+ MIN INTERRACIAL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Rebecca: Booty Camp!

Join Rebecca’s Booty Camp!

Alright, time to get out of those winter doldrums.  Nor more excuses.  We’ve all put on a few pounds while hibernating in out homes during the Winter months.  Many of you have put on a few extra layers trying to keep warm, but I’m here to help you shed those pounds and get ready for summer bikini or swim season.  C’mon guys, you can work out with me too.  Sargeant Rebecca is here to take you through her booty camp!  So who wants to sign up?   C’mon everyone, let’s man up!

We all need a little motivation to get off that chair and into the gym.  I’m here to help make that happen.  Donkeys have carrots.  I’ve got my booty right here.  Come and get it.  You know you want it.  Now just get out of that chair and catch me if you can.  I promise that if you pass booty camp, this booty will sit on your face!  Now get in here and let’s shape up together! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Geek Break!

Spring Break with Rebecca: Geek City!

With all the bad weather across the country due to the Polar Vortex, I thought I’d do a Spring Break update for everyone who isn’t able to enjoy the break themselves.  Of course, the weather isn’t cooperating on my side!  That’s okay, I really feel bad for all those young men out there who have been studying their brains out in their rooms and offices dreaming of laying their hands on some co-ed tushy over the Spring Break.  No need to head to the beaches, you know I’m here year round for your pleasure.  I LOVE GEEKS!

Ft. Lauderdale?  Palm Springs?  Las Vegas?  What is your Spring Break pleasure?  Perhaps my bedroom might be a better place.  Let’s just say you don’t need any wet t-shirts when you visit me for Spring Break.  All I want to give you is a Spring Break experience to help you relax and provide a memorable experience for all you brainiacs who have been working so hard! Now get up from your desks, stretch and CLICK HERE to enjoy Spring Break 2014.


Rebecca: Double Trouble Part 3

Rebecca’s Got Double Trouble – Part 3 (Video)

As Broad Billy finishes his turn with Rebecca, you will need to turn the sound down as he stretches her out in a doggy position and then spreads her ass he makes Rebecca scream with pleasure. If you ever wondered if a woman enjoys it in the ass, watch Rebecca’s face as she grimaces in pleasure as Billy stretches her wide open.

Rebecca thought she was done, but back came her handler, the real Boss. Rebecca had gotten dressed and she was ready to call it an evening when they stripped our young business exec and turned her out again stuffing her mouth and pussy at the same time as Rebecca writhes in pleasure she’s never felt before arching her back as their tongues brainwash this high end Ivy Leaguer into a sex crazed BBC loving slut. Raise your hand if you think Rebecca could use a third man in this video and COME INSIDE NOW!


Rebecca: Pumps You Up!

Rebecca Wants to Pump You Up!

 It is never fun to work out alone.  Sometimes it is good to have a partner to help spot you and motivate you to work harder and harder to get that hard body.  I’ve been lacking a little inspiration lately and would love for you guys to come help me out.  I warn you that we might have to get close and sweaty.  Your muscles might even get pretty tense.  If you think you can handle Rebecca Boot Camp, then let’s see if you can keep up!

Who is ready to hit the gym with me!  I like it hard core!  When you work out with me there are lots of aches and pains.  There might also be lots of grunting, groaning and the release of bodily fluids.  If you don’t mind letting it all hang out there, then come on in.  Let’s get everyone in shape for Summer.  Are you a little girlie man? Yes, that’s right!  I’m Rebecca and you’re not.  I’m here to (Clap) PUMP YOU UP!!  So come in by clicking RIGHT HERE unless you are a Girlie Man. CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Naked Tourist!

The Bored Conventioner & The Naked Tourist

 Hey you, you know who you are.  You go off to a conference and then you hear the most boring people in the world talk about your work.  You are in a beautiful town with great food, great sights and friends you want to visit.  Oh and hopefully you have a good expense account.  Well, I was just visiting this wonderful and beautiful city and all I heard was “Blah, Blah, Blah”.  After my 3rd cup of coffee I got up and saw everyone else was out in the hallway arranging their own side trips.  I saw one colleague hop in a cab!  By the afternoon, half the conference was empty.  So I called my girlfriend and said come pick me up!  I need to go have some fun!  Let’s go!

Wow, sometimes you see things that inspire you.  And finding a historical landmark and taking photos with it are so amazing.  I mean how many times do you get to get naked in front of an iconic structure known worldwide.  Actually I think this is the second time I’ve done this and I know other Dreamnet girls have done this as well.  Come on in and check it out!  CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: White Before Memorial Day

Rebecca is Pure as Snow!

 I know that you aren’t supposed to wear white before Memorial Day, but hey when you live in the land of the Sun, white is always in.  One of my fans who has been living in blizzard conditions all Winter bought this summer dress for me and I must say it so beautiful.  Given that it was 80 degrees out, I wore it to work.  I felt like everyone was staring at me.  What’s wrong, am I not pure enough to wear something as white as snow?

 My husband got home before me and when he saw me in this dress, he told me I just had to take some photos for the site.  He said it reminded him of a shorter version of my wedding dress. It sure does.  I would have loved to have had a dress like this for my wedding.  Or maybe even my wedding night!  It makes me feel so pure. Could you sleep with a woman wearing a dress like this?  Personally, wearing this dress makes me want to be bad!  Let’s get bad together!  CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Double Trouble – More Orgasms!

Rebecca’s Got Double Trouble – Part 2
(19+ Min. Interracial Video)

Alright, I don’t know about all of you, but I find it hard to watch myself have sex. The sex is awesome, but for me these guys are so amazing and it becomes such an out of body experience. I almost seem to be on another planet as they just send me into outer space with their talents.

So what I want to ask you is when you watch this scene, tell me how many orgasms you count out of me. My lover knew his buddy was going to come by soon so he wanted to get all of my attention before he arrived. He first had me ride him and then flips me over and then spoons me from behind and then has me coming over and over as I feel helpless as he stuffs his bare cock in me unloading himself several times deep inside me. Do you think you could make me come like this? CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: Hearts You!

Rebecca Wants You To Poke Her Heart for Valentine’s Day!

 I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but Valentine’s Day is really a Hallmark holiday.  Moreover, the talk of chocolates, cards, and flowers is the cheap way out.  Yeah, I woman wants to be wined and dines.  Give me baubles dahlin’!  What does a woman really want?  Come on, we aren’t little girls.  We want big things.  We want things that make you go wild.  Tiny lingerie, glittery shiny accessories, high heels that make our rear ends stick out, and hot steamy body parts that make a woman swoon and moan.  So you think you can be my Valentine?  Will you be mine?  Let me give you a few hints.

It’s true. The way to a woman’s heart starts with her feet and goes right up between her legs.  I can’t tell you how many ugly vases I have in my cupboards.  They used to be filled with overpriced roses arranged in a way only old ladies would like it.  Me?  Don’t give me a card or chocolates that will make me fat.  Come in here big boy, I’ll tell you what your girl wants. CLICK HERE!