Rebecca: Takes You to the Movies

Rebecca Takes You To The Movies

As many of you know from my movie reviews and such, that I am a big movie buff. So my girlfriend calls me and says she knows a great place to take some outdoor photos as she had just gotten back from helping on a big movie shoot and wanted to know if I could get out with her to take some photos since they had wrapped up shooting . It is such a cool historic setting. You would never have known the history that went on here. In fact I was really shocked at all the graffiti. But even crazier was that some famous actors had just stood right where I was standing and filmed a huge 2015 blockbuster film right here. I am such a big fan of the star of this film. It was hard for me to focus on taking these outdoor photos, but I just imagined myself being a part of the movie crew as well as hanging with some of the hunky movie stars.

 So yes this area showed up in a real movie setting for a blockbuster film in 2015. Which movie?  If you can figure it out and send me via email only the name of the movie and a synopsis of how that scene played out in the movie.  You must also be a current member of my site to win. I will have some good hints for you inside.  I hope they help but don’t give it away. CLICK HERE to see REBECCA IN THE MOVIES!

Rebecca: With Samantha In Vegas

Rebecca & Samantha Go To Vegas – 4 Way Action!

Living within an hour of Las Vegas is very dangerous. The temptation for sin is always there and that is why they call it Sin City. When my friend Samantha wanted to celebrate her new job promotion and move out of town she had asked me if I’d like to have a girl’s night adventure night in Vegas. On a whim we took off to Vegas for a night of fun, drinks, laughs and hopefully lots of unspeakable fun. She knew I had a wild streak so she made sure that I came along. I didn’t know that she had specific plans though. She called a secret lover to tell him that she was coming and that he should bring a well-endowed friend for her partner in crime.

When we arrived at our hotel they were already waiting for us. There were two beds in the room but we never got off one bed. In fact, I don’t think I ever saw the hotel casino on that trip and that I spent the next 36 hours totally naked in the midst of wild sex. Watching this video, I can’t believe how naughty we two girls were that evening. Did I really do that? I guess what happened in Vegas is not staying in Vegas this time! I can tell you one thing, It was the first time anyone ever ate my ass!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Samantha’s last hurrah!

For the last 10 years people have asked me about this short clip on my club member side with my friend Samantha. A good friend who like me is married with a family, her one last hurrah can be seen here. If you’ve been asking About Samantha, here is your last chance….but there may be more!


Rebecca: SuperGirl

Rebecca Saves The World

Hey Isis, I’ve got a message!  I’m coming for you!  Rebecca is here to save the world!  What does that S on my chest stand for?  “Suck It”.  Why do so many innocent people have to die?  This terrorism cannot be tolerated so I am offering my services as Supergirl.  A friend got me this costume too late for the Halloween holiday, but I think it serves a better purpose in light of the horrible events in Paris.  Their message is falling on deaf ears.  Well never fear, Supergirl is here to save the day!  Kryptonite?  No that is not my weakness.  I won’t tell you in public.

 Yes by day I am a mild-mannered financial advisor but when the world is in trouble I am here to be your sexy super hero.  Check out my belt of super gadgets to help make this world a place of love not war.  Let’s all give peace a chance.  I just want to make this world a happier and better place.  Who wants to join me? CLICK HERE to SUPPORT WORLD PEACE!


Rebecca: Her Business Conference

Rebecca at Her Business Conference.
Did you see me? (aka Rebecca Force)

In my line of work I do travel for industry conferences for many of the businesses I cover.  Although I used to travel to these conferences, they do get tiresome.  The amount of schmoozing that people do and the amount of money spent is outrageous.  I recently traveled to this once conference where we had this VIP client golf tournament at this $200 a head golf course and I think the room was maybe 4 times the price.  There was no business discussed.  They were just thanking key partners for spending millions with them.  Needless to say, the hotel was beautiful and although my golf game was poor, it was a nice experience.  The next day we went to the actual conference.  I always get nervous at these events.  There are so many people and I’m not hidden in my office. I always wonder if someone is going to see me and recognize who I am.  Did you see me there?

With over 150,000 people at this conference it is easy to run into people, but at the same time it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.  I actually hate these events and sometimes just stay back in my room. To be stuck on a convention floor in high heels all day can be quite painful.  So sometimes I sit back in my room, take photos for Dreamnet and enjoy the view :  CLICK HERE to hear about my business trip!

Rebecca: Party MILFs

Rebecca Hosts Another Girls Only MILF Party Photoshoot

You guys are so wonderful that I thought I’d share some more of my real life with you.  I love it so much that I really wish I could share even more.  I have these really cool girlfriends who make me laugh and have taught me how to enjoy life since I moved out here.  So before last weekend I had a bunch of my girlfriends come over to play by the pool and in our garden and hired a photographer to take sexy photos of us while we tried on our Halloween costumes and sipped cocktails by the pool.  With all of these half naked MILFs running in and out of our home I bet the postman was wondering what was really going on.

So come on in and pick up a camera and take some photos of me or your favorite girl.  Look, it is my friend Sally. Why don’t you take some sexy photos of the two of us.  She’s really fun and playful.  You know what they say about blondes, but do they really have more fun?   CLICK HERE to see who had more fun!


Rebecca: Spread on Your Bed and Fluffed

Rebecca Spread on Your Bed and Fluffed

Do you know what a Fluffer is? He/She is the person responsible for making sure that the male porn talent on a set stays aroused and ready for the camera action Well I was wondering if there is something for a woman where maybe she is made wet by someone who helps her get ready for a scene or her lovers. Well the truth of the matter is that every time I am going to meet a lover, I am extremely nervous and have to down a few drinks beforehand. Most of the time when I go out, my husband will help me get ready by helping me get ready by dressing me and then taking a few photos before leaving me for my lovers. My husband always fluffs me up by getting me so horny and desperate. What I didn’t know is my husband put a little something in my drink to make me extra horny. He artificially fluffed me! He slipped me a drug to make me horny!

So on a recent Friday my husband took me to a hotel by the airport so that my lover wouldn’t have to drive through heavy LA rush hour traffic to meet me. As he dressed me, he gave me a few drinks ( and a drug) and set about taking some naught photos of me on the bed and then fluffing me so that by the time my lover arrived I was totally drunk, my husband had taken all my clothes and left me in the room with the door unlocked a wet pussy and nowhere to go. As he took photos I begin to feel light headed and drowsy.  CLICK HERE to see how fluffed I was for my lover’s arrival!

Rebecca: Making a MILF

The Making of MILF Rebecca – HD video!

I get asked all the time about how I got started doing videos and how my husband agreed to me doing videos and being on Dreamnet. I also get lots of people asking how they can do it too. I really can’t say what we do works for everyone, but I can say that it took a while and that by the time it came to fruition, my husband had taken lots of video of me and I was probably more ready than ever to be in front of the camera.

What you see here is me before Dreamnet sucking on dildos, dancing for you on camera, posing around the small apartment we had after we got married, admitting my love for black cock and hope day having one of a nice size inside me. 

You must remember when these videos were done that I had no idea that I was going to be naked for all of you.  It is amazing now to think how far I’ve come.  So if you are out there wanting your wife or partner to do this, just check out these two videos because they can show you what will happen if you dream big … CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: Stay at Home MILFs

Rebecca & Her Friend I MILFs Getting Busy at Home!

I know that you are all looking for that hidden beauty out there.  The sexy librarian, the soccer mom, the bitchy boss, etc.  Well they are all subsets of the ultimate find, The MILF. I love the idea and while I do work I would love to be the “Stay-at Home” MILF.  I wish that I could stay at home and play all day at home.  I would turn my home into a pleasure palace during the day and have so many sexy friends over all the time.  Can you imagine?  I mean you would be at work and I would be at home being very very naughty with strangers.  The thought of it just turns me on so much.  They could create a new show and call it “Hollywood Wives 90069”.  What do you think?  Should women just stay home and be sexy? 

So I thought I’d try out this lifestyle and invite my friend Heather over to my house for a little trial run.  As soon as she took off her coat, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.  We soon moved to the spa pool and then she thanked me for my hospitality.  CLICK HERE if you want to see what happens when you leave your sexy MILF at home!


Rebecca: Given Away for Birthday Present

Rebecca Is Given Away for Birthday Present

So for my husband’s birthday I asked him what he’d like.  He told me that he’d like to give me away for his birthday.  Give me away?  Yes he wanted to dress me up and leave me staged for a surprise night of sex with the partner(s) of his choice.  He would take a few photos and then just leave me to give him the present.  Having me receive incredible bare back sex with men.  Well I don’t know who enjoyed his gift more.  Me or him. I didn’t even get to sing him Happy Birthday or watch him blow out his candles.

Taking photos of me before his friends arrived, my husband told me that he hoped I would enjoy his birthday party and be a great hostess for those people invited.  All I know is that I was the party favor for the guests.  In the end there were two guys who tag teamed me :  CLICK HERE if you want to see my husband’s birthday present.

Rebecca: When is a Bikini not a Bikini?

When is a Bikini not a Bikini? When it is worn by Rebecca

When my friend Juan sent me this thongkini or monokini, I was shocked. I couldn’t dance in this thing. I couldn’t go to the beach in this thing. I couldn’t do anything in this little number. This bathing suit had less material than dental floss! He explained to me that all the girls wear these down in South America. I was quite embarrassed and I am not embarrassed easily. So when I was invited to a clothing optional resort down in Jamaica, my boyfriend encouraged me to wear it to the beach. So I brought it along.

In this case I turned on the charm and when I pulled down my underwear, I told them that they better spank me hard like a bad girl once this shoot is over. Well by the end of the shoot, they couldn’t hold back and dropped their cameras and gave me a spanking I’ll never forget

Taking pictures by the pool is a no-no at the resort club, but I must say that I got more attention than I would have if I had been naked. I have to say that I did take it off at the pool as most people were totally naked and I didn’t want to have tiny tan lines like that. I got lots of comments though: CLICK HERE if you want to hear about what happened!