Can you score on Rebecca?!

I know it has been a couple of weeks since the World Cup, but I really got caught up in the spirit this year more than ever.  I liked the way people rallied together around their countries and watching the incredible athleticism and awful acting was quite entertaining although the lack of productivity in my office was quite lacking!  If you didn’t notice, I held a contest to see which country would have the most enthusiasm and agreed that I would sport the colors of the country most supported.  Quite frankly I was quite surprised by the outcome!    

When this started, I imagined seeing myself in the colors of Neymar, Khlose or Messi.  Or maybe even Dempsey!?  In the end though, the Mexicans got the most support and quite frankly they and their coach were quite entertaining during the World Cup.  There was one thing I did not like about soccer!  They didn’t use their hands.  Want to see some real scoring? CLICK HERE if you want to see some real action!! 

Rebecca: Slippery When Wet!

Rebecca is Slippery When Wet!

There is nothing better or finer for me than taking a long warm bath with nice aromatic soaps.  Their scents are so therapeutic and intoxicating after a long day!  Sometimes I just fall asleep dreaming of somebody else in the tub with me, running their hands all over my body and massaging all my cares and aches away. Mmmmm.  Is that you? I can’t see you through the mist of all the steam here.   Well whomever it is, come on in and lather up.    

 I love a large whirlpool tub that fits more than one! I love big hotel tubs and like to bring over my own soaps if they don’t already have their own spa line. After a long day of shooting with a lover or lovers, I’ll just take a long soak to relax my body after they’ve bent me into all different shapes and angles.  Would you like to help me relax?   CLICK HERE if you want hop in with me, but be careful, the marble is slippery when wet and so am I!!   


Rebecca: Hurricane is Coming

Hurricane Rebecca is Coming!

All of these climate changes are so screwy!  I was just at a seaside wedding and my poor friend spent the whole time worrying about whether her 6 months of planning was going to all go for naught.  Well, I will tell you that I’m not one to sit around for a storm to come ruin my day!  I seized the opportunity to take some photos for you.  No Coast Guard, storm, or whatever is going to ruin my day or mood!  I do hope all of you who recently got hit by the hurricanes along the Eastern coast of the US are okay.  If so, this photo set is dedicated to you!  Lemonade out of lemons?  You bet ya!    

 The funny thing is that we were warned for several days that a storm might hit.  These photos were taken the day before and it was a beautifully still day and 90 degrees.  We moved the wedding up a day and then the day of the storm…….NOTHING!!!  Maybe a breezier day and it sprinkled a bit with some passing clouds, but after that nothing happened.  Nothing got blown over.  Sand bags, boarded windows and a whole lot of worrying meant nothing.  WELL!!!  I wanted a storm!  I’m gonna give you all a big storm!  Let’s see what you think about Hurricane Rebecca!  CLICK HERE if you want to be caught in my HURRICANE!

Rebecca: Says I Believe …

Rebecca says I Believe and is Red, White and Blue for You!

Wow, the USA run is over, but I have World Cup fever now!  Does that mean I am a soccer mom?  LOL!  Well what it does mean is that I am still going to remain patriotic for July 4th!   I’m going to be proud and wear the Red White and Blue for you this coming weekend for the US Independence Day.  Yes, I will be the All American Girl for you guys out there.  Oh, and you get to see me in more of my new white heels!  The American chant during the World Cup was “I Believe”.  Do you Believe?  Do you believe in Rebecca?   I want to see and hear it!  Send me your patriotic tributes.  July 4th is all about the hot dog!  Let me see what kind of condiments your hot dogs can provide!   

 Didn’t like my bikini update from last week?  Well maybe I’ll just wear my country’s colors on the beach instead!  I will be the All American Girl, but for those of you who are not fans of America and say ‘F#$% America”, well I will just let you bend me over and take it for my country!  HA-HA.   Of course I am kidding! America the Beautiful, America the Home of the Brave, etc.  Seriously!  Let’s celebrate!  Gimme your hot dogs, your ice cream and let’s have some fun! Come on and “Celebrate with me by CLICKING HERE”!


Rebecca: Bikini Days 2014

Rebecca’s Bikini Days 2014 – Peeping Toms!

As a new girl on Dreamnet a fan sent me a bikini to wear and said that every year I need to get a new bathing suit to wear each summer.  I laughed to myself thinking that would be the one and only time I’d be taking a bathing suit off on the web pages of Dreamnet.  Well 11 years later I’m still doing just that.  I’ve worn many over the years and this year is no different.  Once again a member has sent me a new one.  I love it.  You guys seem to think I look good in polka dots.  I like this year’s design which is a throwback style with boy shorts.  The color is bright so I think you should have no trouble spotting me on the beach this summer! Well I love it and took it with me on my first trip of the summer!  Some people even saw me showing and taking it off.  

 Are you ready to hit the beaches and pools this summer?  I really love this new bikini.  I think I can wear it anywhere from the beach at Santa Monica to the pools on the Strip in Vegas to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, don’t you think?  Yep, Rebecca is going international this summer! And I want to take you with me!  Come on!  Click HERE and join me and my adventures this summer!

Rebecca: The Seduction (Part 3)

The Seduction of Rebecca (The Ride) – Part 3

Hi. This is Al, Rebecca’s husband. This clip is the 3rd in a series of clips are from our anniversary evening. Yes, I gave my wife a night with another lover for our special day. I know this may seem strange to you, but if you honestly love your partner, you sometimes give them presents that you know they want but don’t always ask for. Providing Rebecca with an evening of sex that is special is like giving her a great piece of jewelry. She’ll wear it like a fur coat and the end of the evening leaves her with the biggest smile. If you’ve followed my wife, you know that nothing brings her more satisfaction than a night fulfilled with an incredible dark lover.

As you watch this, I can’t tell you how turned on it got me to watch this. In fact after you see me tend to the needs of these two lovers, if you listen closely, you hear me leave as the door opens and closes. I can’t ever stay around. It is like a rush as I watch these men give my wife an experience that there is no way I could ever give her. Watching her take charge by riding her lover or just submitting to his needs by turning over and letting him have his way are both incredibly amazing things to see as that is not the Rebecca that I know on a daily basis.

 LMore than anything though, I just love seeing the smile and thankfulness she provides me afterwards for making her so happy. As they say, happy wife means happy life. Sharing these times with all of you is my way of giving to all of you and showing that there are all kinds of ways of keeping that special person in your life happy … CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Rebeca: Naughty Bridesmaid

Rebecca Is The Naughty Bridesmaid!

Ha!  I fooled you didn’t I?  No I am not getting married this summer.  I am once again ready to be a bridesmaid.  What does that mean?  It means again I have to buy a bridesmaid dress that matches 4 other women at the wedding.  It also means it will likely be an ugly thing that I will wear once and never again.  Well I just got it in the mail and it doesn’t look too bad.  I might even wear it a few times.  Who knows, I might even turn a few heads!  I might even be able to make the groom have second thoughts!  I’m not supposed to overshadow the bride on her big day, but if he’s going to cheat on my friend, I will find out!

 Let’s face it.  All weddings are a little bit boring. That is unless the best man makes a drunken toast, the father of the bride objects to the matrimony, the ring boy loses the rings, or the bridesmaid flashes a little booty or booby.  Never seen that happen?  Well you have your invitation.  CLICK HERE to RSVP.  I promise you that you and I can share a piece of the cake together!


Rebecca: Goes Au Naturel!

Rebecca Goes Au Naturel In Her Summer Tent!

Yes, it is Summer time!  What does that mean?  Well if you get naked on the Web, it means more outdoor photos, daisy dukes, and bikinis and such!  All of those indoor photos go outdoors.  Well of course living in Southern California I get out quite often, but hopefully this will be a glorious summer where you get to see a little sunburn on my bare bottom and celebrate all the beauty that nature has to offer.  I also hope to take you on a vacation with me and hopefully I will be able to take you to places that you have never seen!  Where shall we go?  Here do you want me to take you?

 Well to start the summer I thought we’d keep it simple and go for a little weekend trip to the mountains.  Yep, let’s go out to the wilderness and go au naturel!  My only problem is that I forgot about the problems with nature.  It gets cold in the mountains and those pesky mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance. Are you my mountain man?  Maybe you should be the one to take me camping.  Come inside my tent and tell me some scary stories!  Or maybe show me your scary monster! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Purple Passion

It’s Purple and it’s Real!

Is purple my favorite color.  No, but if you have noticed, I do wear it quite a bit.  Why?  I’m not sure, but lately I’ve been hearing that people think my videos are the closest to real sex that they’ve seen on the web.  Someone suggested that it is about the color purple.  I laughed at that suggestion.  Well that is because it is real sex.  Nothing orchestrated or scripted.  In fact it is real passion.  I cannot have sex with someone unless I’ve gotten the chance to spend some time with them first.  That is why I’d make a bad professional porn star.  Everything I do has real emotion and passion.  But just in case, I am wearing purple again for you this week!

I never do things half way.  I must put every ounce of effort into all that I do.  So that is why I have lots of footage that you have never seen.  I just don’t fake it.  That is right, I don’t fake orgasms!  CLICK HERE to See Me in Full Passion!


Rebecca: The Seduction Of (Part 2)

The Seduction of Rebecca Part 2

(14+ MIN. Video works on both computers & moble devices) ~ The more you watch, the more you see why this is called a seduction.

A seduction is defined as an event whereby one is convinced to let their guard down and do something they would not normally do.

Well after the last foreplay video, we watch how Rebecca spreads her legs and takes on her lover. Watch as she squeals and grunts and groans and squirts. She reduces her husband into a towel and water boy. We heard from her husband that all the sounds that you hear her make are sounds that he had never ever heard his wife make until that evening. Watch as she looks into her lover’s eyes and then closes her eyes as she enjoys his deep thrusts that sink deep between her legs.

Then listen to her squeal as he probes his finger into her tight asshole. You can hear her cries of joy as she is confused as to whether she should resist or just enjoy the feeling that she isn’t supposed to love.

Does your lover or spouse make these kinds of noises when they make love?  If not, then they need to be seduced like Rebecca … CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!