Rebecca: Public Restroom Fantasy

Rebecca’s Public Restroom Fantasy
(The In Public Series)


So a couple week’s ago I took you to this public restroom, well I didn’t tell you it is a big fantasy of mine.  It is no mystery that I love being exposed to all of you and watching me naked in public.  It is also probably no mystery to all of you that I am a bit of a submissive.  But I am a bit of a nice innoocent girl because I would never ever really want that to happen.  I mean, nice girls like me don’t do this kind of thing.  Well what I really want is for someone just to take me and have their way with me in public and maybe even bring a few friends.  Think that can be arranged?

Yes, that is right.  My biggest fantasy is to have a rough gangbang in a public place with multiple strangers.  Well maybe not too rough or disgusting, but at least really naughty such that they make me scream in pleasure and beg for more.  CLICK HERE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED.

Rececca: LickHer Cabinet

Rebecca Invites you to see her LickHer Cabinet

I am always collecting bottles of alcohol and the racks are overflowing these days from lots of gifts so I thought maybe you could help me clear out my LickHer cabinet.  I really wanted to find something special to celebrate the occasion with you.  I wanted a fiesta!  A party!  So I thought I’d bring out the good stuff.  Some really expensive tequila.   Not only did the alcohol hit me hard, but the bottle did too and you’ll see why!

Look,I know what they say.  A woman can’t hold her LickHer.  Well that might be true, but when you see what I have in store for you in this pictorial, you will see what I mean.  Do you like drinking with a woman and taking advantage of her?  Well, let’s see if you can keep up and party on with me.  CLICK HERE and let me know if you can drink me under the table.


Rebecca: Hitchhiker

Rebecca Stranded & Hitchhiking
(The In Public Series)

I was told never talk to strangers and to never accept a ride from one.  Well I was never told what would happen if I was the one who needed the ride.  What if I was stranded on the side of the road and the people passing me by were told that they weren’t supposed to give me a ride?  I mean here I was driving along when my engine died along one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the United States, Pacific Coast Highway 1.  We are talking about, other than Alaska, the Westernmost part of the continental United States.  Yes, Hawaii I there to my left a few thousand miles.  Well here I was stranded.  Would you please give me a ride?  I’ll do anything.

What has a girl got to do to get a ride around here.  I mean I know you aren’t supposed to pick up strangers, but don’t I look innocent enough?  Or is it your wife or girlfriend who won’t let you stop and help pick up a woman in distress?  Is it money you want?  A kiss on the cheek?  On where is a good trucker when you need one with a little bed in the back of his cab.  CLICK HERE and let me know if you’d pick me up.

Rebecca: Public Restrooms!

Rebecca Takes You to the Restroom
(The In Public Series)

I really do like being sexy in public.  Part of being on Dreamnet has expanded my horizons.  Being sexy in the bedroom is one thing, but going out in public dressed provocatively has been something new for me.  In real life I don’t do much out of the norm and dress fairly conservatively.  My normal idea of adventure is going out to a nice spa and having a nice massage with a facial and fragrant massage oils.   I’d much rather stay at the Ritz rather than going camping in the woods.  Some of my friends say I am a princess.  Well, let’s go out and see what you think.  Let’s just say this place is not my cup of tea.  Would you go to the bathroom with me?  I’m scared to go alone.

I was always told to never go to the restroom alone. I’ve actually been to this restroom before, but I was not alone. More about that next time, but I was hoping you could go with me. I don’t like going in alone. It’s dirty and it smells real bad. Do you think you could help me? I’m such a germaphobe.. CLICK HERE and let me know if you think I’m a Princess.


Rebecca: BTS Gangland

Rebecca Takes You Behind the Scenes to Gangland

My photographer knows I like to take risks so when she told me she wanted to got to one of the gang areas to take some photos I was a little scared and excited.  She scouted the area and told me that if we got up before 8am.  We were so nervous.  What if we got caught?  What might happen to us?  Would they punish us for invading their territory?  We both agreed we would give up our bodies if we needed to.  What happens when two women head into dangerous gang territory scantily dressed?  You need to see.  Anyone looking for a bodyguard job?

Okay we got up early and it was cold.  Looks like they partied in the location the night before.  There were a few bums sleeping around, but when we entered the area nothing but broken bottles and graffiti could be found.  I love dangerous situations.  It makes me feel naughty  I was hoping we might even get caught.  CLICK HERE to see Rebecca in Gangland!!

Rebecca: Creampie

Rebecca Wants to Show You Her Cream Pie

Well it is definitely Spring. My boyfriend woke up so horny the first day of Spring and we had sex all day. I literally never made it out of bed. Well okay, there was the moment when he took me to the edge of the bed and made me bend over and take it from behind, but that was it. I think he caught Spring Fever and was so horny that he wouldn’t let me sleep. By the time morning came I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. He still had a huge erection so I just told him to take me as he wanted. And boy did he take me and left me a little gift.

After he had his way with me, my boyfriend decided to take some photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  During the photos I suddenly felt something between my legs and out came his sperm.  Yes a creampie.  He definitely wanted you all to see that he tried to impregnate me.  So did you get horny this Spring??  CLICK HERE if Springtime makes you HORNY!!


Rebecca: Feels Lucky!

Rebecca feels Lucky.  Want to Feel?!

Do you have the luck of the Irish?  Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I guess it is also the day for those who are superstitious.  I am very superstitious.  Are you?!  I do believe in karma so maybe that has to do with luck as well.  Would you like to get lucky with me?  I think the Irish have a lot of fun and are happy go-lucky people.  So what is your favorite Irish tale?  Perhaps I could be that lucky pot of gold at the end of your rainbow this year.  Do you think green is sexy?  Alright then, let me get green and sexy for you.

Speaking of superstitions, I forgot to wear green today.  Somebody once said that if you don’t wear green that people get to pinch you.  Have any of you heard that?! Well I forgot to wear green today.  I guess that means you get to pinch me! CLICK HERE if you feel lucky and want to get luckier!!

Rebecca: Spring 2016

Rebecca Has Spring Fever.  Catch It.

It’s that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom and the warm air comes around and I start to feel horny all the time wanting sex!  It is like I want sex all the time!  Do you feel that way too?  It is like it is a side effect of El Nino where I get hornier earlier and earlier every year every year!  Talk about your global warming!  You know what the biggest side effect is?  It means I don’t need to wear underwear!  It is nature’s way of telling us that we need to change our clocks and put away those warm coats and scarves and be free!  It also means that we need to start cleaning up from the crazy winter.  Are you ready to step outside with me and feel that sunshine on our bare skin and soak in those vitamins from the sun?

It doesn’t really snow here, but it does rain or at least can be damp on the West Coast of the United States.  Yes Spring has sprung and some of my fans have bought me a whole new wardrobe for this year and I can’t wait to wear all my new clothes outside!  Of course they gave me some nice new lingerie too and those will be fun to wear to bed!  Are you ready to see me bloom in the warm sun?  If you have the fever CLICK HERE to come here and tend tomy garden with me!!


Rebecca: March MadnASS!

Rebecca invites you to March MadnASS!

I was looking around and I see there are such special designations for Drinking Wine, Black Pride, etc. Well I think there should be a month dedicated to a beautiful ASS.  So I am declaring March to be “Worship a Woman’s Ass” Month.  What do you think? So it shall be forever known as March MadnASS.  I also want to invite you join in some traditional March Madness College Basketball fun.  Every year I have a pool dedicated to my office pool.  If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to go to and set up an account.  I want to see you in my tournament pool.  I shall give an award to my top current member in the pool as long as they beat me!  In the meantime, let’s take a look at some photos of me in a sexy black negligee sent to me by one of my Ass Worshippers!

Are you ready for March MadnASS?  Are you a worshipper of the ASS?  Do you want to slap it, touch it, spank it, lick it?  Well then this is your month!  Contribute to the cause and make March the month of the ASS! And then play in my fantasy league and show me you are the King of March MadnASS! CLICK HERE to see MY ASS!!


Rebecca: Boyfriend’s iPhone

8 Sex Vignettes From Rebecca’s Boyfriend’s iPhone – HD Video!

Ever wonder what is on people’s iphone?  With cameras on every phone it is amazing how much sexting is going on.  So this past Valentine’s when my boytoy and I went to a public adult sex club, he taped me having sex with him and then a woman that I met.  When I went to look at them on his phone, I found hundreds of videos he had taken and shown to his buddies!  Oh my gosh! I wonder how many people out there have sex videos of their girlfriend on their phones!  Well it turns me on and so when he was in the shower I sent them all to me.  So I thought I’d share some 8 little vignettes with you.  I think you will like these very nasty videos that are as real as they get.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Rebecca’s boyfriend’s amateur iPhone sex videos!

I know you were all asking about what happens at the Green Door in Vegas, so the first 3 little vignettes are from the sex club.  Imagine that there were about two dozen guys watching this happen as I had sex in this dark adult club.