Rebecca: DFW Knight Visits Dee

Sharing the Knight – DFWKnight visits Dee
(HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

Hey guys, as you know I like to always introduce you guys to new things and experiences.  For a change of pace I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend Dee of  If you love my interracial escapades, then you’ll love her.  In fact not only do we share the same taste in men, we share the same men.  My lover DFWKnight once told me that Dee was the blonde version of me.  In this video you see that the two of them got together in their home state of Texas.

Does this video make me a little jealous.  Oh yes it does!  I wish he and I lived closer together and I know that he is an ass man and boy does Dee sure have a MILFy one to grab on to, doesn’t she?  Come on in and see.  Do blondes really have more fun?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT … HD VIDEO!


Rebecca: Dreamlovers Rejuvenation

Dreamlovers Rejuvenation – (post-Hot Tub)!

I’ve probably said it a million times, but what I do is not an act.  I love what I do here on Dreamnet and there is nothing about embarrassing my husband but rather filling a large void in my life.  I had no idea that the void was bigger and my desire was stronger than I expected or knew it would be, and I’m not talking about that space between my legs.  I grew up in such a conservative community with small town dreams, but at the same time with an appreciation for the arts, creativity, and trying new things.  I did not get on Dreamnet expecting to meet new men for sex, but it has been a great unexpected journey.

Most people must think that these extramarital pictorials just are one time hook-ups done just for sex.  For me they are new relationships that I cherish and they go beyond the bedroom.  In this case they extend into the hot tub.  These relationships have helped Dreamnet to rejuvenate my life and helped me to enjoy things I never thought I’d ever enjoy or knew I would enjoy.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I ENJOY!


Rebecca: Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson Remastered and Uncut (never seen before footage) 23+ Min. Interracial Video!

Do you enjoy my classics? I get nostalgic every so often and my husband and I went through all my years of video and we found some material I had never seen before. I don’t know why it was never shown. Well I actually do know why, but now I think it is time that you get to see me in a position you might not ever have seen me in. If you remember the small Summer of ’69 and Mrs. Robinson clips, now you get to see not just how the night started but how it continued! I remember how I tried to teach this young stud some new tricks, but he sure had some of his own to teach me. He once even took me to an orgy at a house party where we were so late that the hostess and her female friends were so exhausted that it became a gang bang as I was the only female left. I was fresh pussy.

Do you enjoy interracial with kissing, oral sex, doggy, mission, standing, sixty-nine and other positions?  I think if you want to see a woman who discovers how much she has been missing when she meets a new young stud who can go all night, this is the video for you.  My husband wants you to know that hearing me moan and plead for more while being eaten is his favorite part of this video: CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: Likes it Black and White

Rebecca Likes It Black & White!

For those of you who have followed me for years, many of you probably know that I really like the classics.  I prefer the fine arts and love black and white photography and the glamour days of Hollywood.  My friend is a photojournalist and wanted to give you this special set of photos.  Growing up in the Midwest I was always drawn to everything fancy that was in black and white.  Tuxedos and black tie events were always attractive to me.  In fact you might say I loved the contrast!  I ended up translating that contrast of colors into the way I live life including my love life.  Now do you get it?  This week I’m trying  something new.  You see, interracial is not dirty or taboo in my mind.  I think it is glamorous.  My photographer and I have put some photos together to see if you agree that Black and White is the way to go.

They say opposites attract.  In fact I think my alabaster skin tone looks so striking when I am with my lovers.  The darker the skin, the greater the contrast!  I just love interlocking our fingers in the morning and watching and his huge cock disappears inside me.  I love all the contrasts in my life.  In fact you might even already have figured out the names of my two dogs! CLICK HERE to find out!!

Rebecca: Reflections

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 – Rebecca’s Reflections

Wow 2014 just went by so quickly.  Sometimes I like to just stop and smell the roses.  Kind of like good sex.  I don’t want it fast and furious.  I want it long, slow, and really hard so that I can really feel the passion and enjoy the moment.  I made so many new friends in 2014 and obviously enjoyed interacting with some of those who have been with me since 2003.  Once again, Rob, DawnMarie and all my friends at Dreamnet have provided me with a wonderful place to hang out and share my world.  So I thought for my last update of the year and first update of 2015, we should get out and share the joy and memories as well as the dreams of what lay in store for 2015.  Let’s call it the 2014 Year in Review according to Rebecca.

Did 2014 treat you well?  Does 2015 look good? I’d love for you to share with your favorite memories of 2014.  Maybe even your favorite photo or video of me from 2014.  I also have some resolutions for 2015.  Do you have any?  Come let’s take a walk, smell the fresh air and show the world what it is like to enjoy life!  CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: Wrapping up 2014 and Unwrapping

Wrapping up 2014 and Unwrapping Rebecca!

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014/2015.  I know many of you are traveling for the holidays and may not see this update until you get back, but you know I am always here for you.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to kind of review my journey through 2014, give you a little Christmas present, stocking stuffer if you will, and maybe even a little perspective on 2015 as well.  So for those of you who will be opening up this update on Christmas day, I’ll let you open me up, rip off the wrapping and sip some egg nog while clicking through my new photos  just like a real present.

Christmas stocking?  Stocking stuffer?  I’m not sure what you might call this update, but for you hose lovers, this might be the update you are looking for.  Just wrap yourself in a blanket and let’s get cozy in front of the fireplace!  CLICK HERE if you are looking for an additional present to open and want to spend the holidays with me!

Rebecca: What’s Under Your Tree

Happy Holidays – What’s Under Your Tree?

Happy Holidays everyone!  While I know I will be updating next week on Christmas Eve, I want to make sure to greet you all this week whether you are Christian or not.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah,   Happy Festivus and Happy Kwaanza to everyone out there as well!  I am really grateful to be sharing with you at this time of year, so thank you for receiving my “gift of giving” myself to all of you!  If you are traveling or staying put, please be safe!  Whether spending time with a large group of family and friends or alone, all I ask that you spend a little time with me and tell me how life is with you.  Like Santa, I have something for everyone whether you are naughty or nice.

So were you a good boy/girl this year?  Or were you one of those naughty ones?  Did you get me something?  What?  You don’t believe in Rebecca Claus?  Well grab that mistletoe and  CLICK HERE so we can warm your chestnuts by the fire!!


Rebecca: Technically Compatible

Rebecca’s Technically Compatible Tribute Update

I’ve been on Dreamnet for over 11 years now, but the other day I received something that shocked me and totally turned me on.  At first I giggled, but then upon watching over and over, I was totally turned on.  I’ve been recently been made aware of this thing called a tribute and what happens is that a man takes an image of me and cums all over it.  Well this gentleman took a video of himself giving me a tribute, but what was really crazy was listening to him talk and then finally shooting all over my photo.  What was really special is that he came all over his computer screen!  I loved hearing him release as he did it.  So naughty!  This shoot has photos that are specifically designed for tributes. Are you willing to cum all over your device for me?  If yes, read on.

This is so hot and I am challenging my members to get me a tribute.  If you do one, I have special instructions.  Do NOT send them to me via email.  Just let me know if you made one and then I will give you specific instructions so that I can see what  you did and get turned on!  So are you ready to see what I have for you?  Get out your handy dandy device out and CLICK HERE!!

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Rebecca: Behind The Scene

Behind the Scenes – Alone with the Knight!
(Computer & Mobile Compatible Video)

If you watch Rebecca & The Knight together, you will see what happens when a real White MILF meets a BBC and commits not only her body, but her mind, to the man. When she films with the bright lights on, take a listen and you will notice the difference when 1) they lower the lights to a more romantic setting, and 2) when they are completely alone. This combination is why fans come back time and again to watch these two. You will notice around the 2:30 mark of this video there is a sudden transformation when Rebecca realizes they have been left alone as the door closes. She is finally alone with the man she has an uncanny chemistry with and let’s go until he launches his cream deep inside her womb as she begs for him to cum. Listen as the Knight lets out a roar and her cries of total submissiveness lead to a whimper of naughty satisfaction. This is what interracial is all about.

Yes, this video takes place after their main encounter with other people circling the bed.  If you want to see the fully lit encounter that precedes this video, check out (Sold Separately).

But first, you must check out this week’s update: CLICK HERE!


Rebecca: Catching Up!

Catching Up With Rebecca – An Interview Update!

Recently a blog that I interviewed with almost 8 years ago asked if they could ask me more questions to update my profile.  I looked at the old responses and figured that I should update my answers and re-tell my story to everyone in case you all forgot who I am, why I’m here, what I like to do, what I don’t like to do.  I do get lots of questions all the time that I assume people already know, so that is why I thought I’d take many of those questions, and provide you all with the short answers.

So you want to learn and know more about me?  This is the update that should answer most of your questions. I have no secrets from my lovers and friends.  It is amazing to see how much about me has changed since then and I am more than happy to let you get a peek under the sheets for you to learn about me a little more.  CLICK HERE to hear some of my deepest darkest secrets!!