Dawn Marie: Solo Selfie Cum

Solo Selfie Cum – HD Video
Hubby’s Gone … I Play!

So hubby has been super busy this week and I needed to put a new video on my site. We had plans to show a new video one today, but then I came up with a sneaky idea. While he was out running a couple errands in the morning my devious little mind decided to do something unique on my site. I setup my iPhone so I could record myself getting off and cumming with you as you you cum with me. Just think it’s literally only the two of us together getting off.  I got my pussy all wet so you get your dick all hard and let’s make this secret little affair just between us. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080p HD VIDEO – I CUM BIG TIME!

Dawn Marie: Rambunctious!

Dawn Marie Is Sexually Rambunctious at the Resort!

There is something about being in a new atmosphere and away from home that always gets me more sexually charged up. Here I am in the beautiful resort northwest of Phoenix, out by Lake Pleasant and I am really really turned on. As I climbed on the counter for the first picture set of the day my mind is just drifting to having some incredible naughty sex with stranger. I love having sex with men I have just recently met and I think I’m going to have to get on my phone to get someone to drive up here! Just imagine getting in to some naughty sex in a new environment. We have have to fuck and suck in every room of the condo … VBEG! Any takers on this opportunity? If you are in the Phoenix area let me know and we can possible hook up and get down and dirty, I’d like nothing more than your strange cock in my mouth and pussy! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Easy Access Creampie

Dawn Marie Wants You Creampie Her Wet Pussy!

I love these erotic body suits. But this one has something special .. it’s crotchless! Just think you could bend me over and fuck me hard and I don’t have to take off the body suit or my high heels. Imagine me bent over the kitchen table with my big ole’ butt arched at you, you grab my hips and slide your cock into me and start off fucking me nice and slow.  As we get more and more excited your pace  picks up and we fuck harder and harder.  As we fuck you reach around grabbing my heavy tits and push your cock as deep as possible inside my soaking wet pussy. All the while watching my ass bounce against you!  Finally after furiously fucking for like 20 minutes you let go with a huge cumshot deep in my pussy giving me one mess creampie? Sound like fun? I think so so CLICK HERE and fill my pussy with warm cum!

Dawn Marie: Wanna Piece?

Dawn Marie Wants To Know If You Wanna Piece?

Pretty soon there will be beggars at my door. So I decided I needed to stock up :) But beggars under 18 are not the kind of beggars I’m looking for. I’m looking for a grown man that I could lure in with a piece of candy. Or perhaps you need something a little more sweet? I have all kinds of treats here for you to sample. But what I really want to give you may take just a little more effort to unwrap .. hehehe!  Let’s say I help you a little and get rid of my pants, that way you can get a taste of my white panties. Well I have one last treat to give you, wanna taste … VBEG?! CLICK HERE AND GET A PIECE OF ME! 

Dawn Marie: Back In Black

Dawn Marie Back In Black – HD Video!
Interracial Facial!

Dateline 20-Oct-2015 6:30pm – OK it’s been LONG TIME coming I know but I’m back and I’m not only back I am BACK IN BLACK  … this was actually something new for me believe it or not.  Last night hubby arranged for a black friend of his to come over, it was friend I did not know and had only briefly met for like 2 minutes one time.  But wow this guy is real hunk, unfortunately he cannot have his face on camera so I gave a nice blowjob.  Literally it when down in hurry, he comes in we talk for two minutes a second time and then I’m on my knees sucking his cock. I must say it was real turn on.  Being such a naughty wife again and taking BBC into my mouth while also licking his balls got my pussy soaking wet and brought back all the familiar naughty feelings I enjoy so much. So  watch this video and you will see a HUGE facial.  I believe it is the biggest facial I have ever had. There was cum everywhere VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080p HD VIDEO – HUGE FACIAL – BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE TOO!

Dawn Marie: Big Ole’ Butt Shake

Dawn Marie Shaking & Spreading Her Big Ole’ Butt!
HD Video & Mobile Compatible!

Hey guys … for whatever reason I hear from so many of you about my BOB (Big Ole’ Butt) and how much so many of you enjoy it. Well this video is all about my Big Ole’ Butt, as requested by several I have made a booty shaking video. I end up with my panties totally off and spreading my cheeks hehehe! I just imagine you underneath me in my favorite position with me riding your cock and your hands grasping my booty to pull me down hard on your stiff cock! CLICK HERE AL LTHE BIG BUTT SHAKING, SLAPPING AND SPREADING! 1080p HD Video & Mobile Video!

Dawn Marie: Rabbit Rebound!

Filling My Pussy Until The Cock Gets Here! HD Video!

Now that I’m back I have some shoots schedule with guys and they cannot get here fast enough! I cannot wait to get some good hard dick in my hands again! But in the meantime I decided I wanted to rebound with my rabbit in my pussy! This is absolutely my favorite toy and it fills my pussy so well and makes it so wet that it “almost” feels like a cock. But there really no substitute for a nice hard cock in my pussy with a guy slappying his body against mine … VBEG! But until then this will do and it makes me orgasm like crazy! So get your cocks out and let’s cum together! CLICK HERE! 1080p HD Video & Mobile Video!

Dawn Marie: I Need Some Dick!

Dawn Marie Needs Some Fresh Hard Dick!

If you read my blog post from September 8th you know that I have been out of commision for a while do to an illness. Well I am back and stronger than ever. Currently seaking some good looking guys that want to suck and fuck … VBEG! I admit it has been way to long but it was just one of those life things you cannot control! I cannot wait to jump in bed with some hot guy and get busy while hubby takes pictures and videos. Just the thought of a nice hard dick sliding between my lips and into my wet pussy is enough to drive me crazy at this point. I am so looking forward to some fresh new cum! So today I just had to satisfy myself and used this fat vibrator for some good fun and orgasms! You gotta nice hard dick for me? CLICK HERE!


Dawn Marie: From School Girl to Cougar!

Dawn Marie From School Girl to Cougar!

OK I admit I am the complete antithesis of a school girl … LOL! At 50 years old I don’t think anyone will confuse me for a 18 year old.  However, it is back to school time and I had  a member ask me for a school girl update.  I said what the heck, I’m really more of the Mom on campus returning to school, but how funny would it be for me to show up on campus dressed like this.  My little Catholic School skirt and blouse carrying a backpack, I’m sure the other students on campus would look at me like I am nuts … LOL! But who knows … perhaps some 21 year old hottie college boy would find me attractive and want to fulfill his MILF fantasy. I’m all about that … I could go from school girl to cougar in one wink of an eye! I’d love to go back to his dorm room for some hot  college sex! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: We’re Teenagers Again!

Dawn Marie Is An Empty Nester … Teenagers Again!

Well guess what?  Our last son has left the house and we are ready to have some fun. No more  worry about kids walking in or staying up to late or being nosey! It’s like hubby and I are teenagers again. We can do what we want, when we want to do it! This used to be my son’s bedroom and now we’ve turned into a guest room. You know what means, I can be a naughty wife and have anyone over whenever I want … VBEG! Day or night and Monday through Sunday our houses is all ours. Of course we love our kids but having the house all to yourself for the first time in 22 years is a pretty exciting thing LOL. 

I can’t wait to jump in this guest room bed with guys I find attractive and who are ready to have some fun! I have been fantasizing about getting busy and naughty in this room since the day I started remodeling it.  Any Volunteers?  CLICK HERE!

P.S. On a more personal note please read my latest blog update about something that has been happening in my life.