Dawn Marie: Quick Suck & Fuck!

Dawn Marie Gets A Quickie Fuck and He Cums All Over My Ass! ~ Video!

A couple weeks ago my friend Xaiver called me and was all hot and horny and craving his hard BBC! I was feeling that way myself that afternoon and when he gave me the invitation to come over, so I immediately jumped in my car and headed to his place. We had a real afternoon quickie. I went in and we jump in his bed with no small talk :) It was one of those fast and furious times … I sucked his cock until it was hard and then we simply fucked like rabbits LOL! We didn’t stop until he pulled out and shot his cum all over my BUTT! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO (MOBILE COMPATIBLE) AND WATCH HIM CUM ALL OVER MY ASS! HUGE CUMSHOT FROM BIG BLACK DICK!

Dawn Marie: 50’s are the New 40’s

Dawn Marie Says Your 50’s are Your New 40’s

Lot’s of women would say to me “you’re too old to dress in that” or “what’s a woman your age dressing like that for, you are not a teenager anymore!” You know at one point in my life I would have agreed with them. But not now! I am proud of who I am, what I do and my body. I’m not a older woman who hides behinds sweaters, turtle necks, long skirts, mom jeans and blouses! So to all of those that say I’m to old to dress like this … don’t look … LOL! After all, I’m almost 50 years old and isn’t 50 the new 40’s?  I enjoy dressing sensual and sexy for the men, their pleasure is my pleasure *wink* So CLICK HERE if you approve of my outfit and come join me and see if you approve of me out of my outfit with spread legs … hehehe!

Dawn Marie: Love Thy Neighbor!

Dawn Marie Sucking & Fucking Her Neighbor ~ Video and Pictures!

There is really a WILD story behind this set, especially if you’re someone that knows me and how bashful I am. I’m always buying these funny naughty t-shirts and recently I purchased one that said “Love Thy Neighbor”, hubby and I were sitting around one night and I was wearing my new shirt. He looked over at me and said you know what … you need to put your money where your mouth is and live up to the saying on your shirt. I was like NO WAY .. I cannot just go to a neighbors house and be so bold. That is way beyond my bashful personality. Well he kept nagging me about it and the more I thought about it the more excited I became. There is latin man that lives down the street from us and runs a landscaping company. I’ve thought about him in the past but never seriously. But finally I decided to make the first move. Hubby grabbed the camera and video and walked down the street to his house (thank goodness it was night time .. LOL!) and I knocked on his door. I was so scared and nervous I was shaking. When my neighbor opens the door he looks as surprised as me .. hehehe! Well to make a long story short I explained to him my fantasy and about my website and then he became very excited! He agreed to pictures but only if we didn’t show his face … once in his house things became heated up in a real hurry and we had a blast! And he blasted his hot cum all over my my belly … hehehe! It was short, sweet and fun! So now I can say I have lived out the saying on this t-shirt! CLICK HERE for all the unscripted fun in both PICTURES and VIDEO ~ most the pictures are way to naughty to show out here :)

Dawn Marie: Why Red?

Why Dawn Marie Love’s Red & And Why Sex Is Involved!

Red is the color of passion and of life and St. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and sex. This is the day we say to our significant others that they are the ones for us. Red is the color of our very heart’s blood. When we are with our lovers our hearts pound with excitement and our skin flush  delicate reddish hues as we thrill to our lovers’ touches. When we are sexually excited our genitals, nipples, and lips all become engorged with blood and change color into a deepening reddish hue. That is why I love the color red and I want to see your hard cock bulging and with his reddish hue.  My pussy is waiting for you! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Riding The Hitachi

Dawn Marie Riding Her Hitachi Vibrator ~ HD & mobile Video!

This update is for all you booty lovers out there. I am using a new toy (thanks Carl) that allows me to insert my hitachi vibrator into it! I must say this thing works pretty darn well. It tickles my pussy and clit letting my ass bounce around and I get off big time. What a fun hands free way to get off! Watch as I wiggle and squirm my way to orgasm and this fluttering tongue tickles me until I cum! Lots of ass wiggling around so put your self behind me and cum on my pawg ass! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080P HAD VIDEO!

Dawn Marie: While The Cats Away …

While the Cats Away The Mice Must Play!

A nice man that is a fan of my site sent me this, thanks Stephen! I just love this outfit, it is probably one of the sexiest one pieces I’ve ever worn.  This weekend I am home alone as hubby travels out of town for a music convention and I am super excited to wear this outfit so perhaps since hubby is leaving me I’ll have to find someone to come over and give it a test run  … VBEG!  You know what they say, while the cats away the mice must play.  Well hubby will be off having fun I am going to drum up some naughty fun of my own. I’ve already been texting some of the guys I know and lining up are rendezvous! It’s going to be awesome to have some strange cock and I plan on wearing this new outfit.   Best part is the stockings and garter are built in so I never have to take them off … hehehe! What do you think? Are you willing to be my playmate while hubby is out of town … if so … CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Bend Me Over!

Easy Access To Dawn Marie’s Pussy!

Over the holidays I received this wonderful fishnet one piece outfit.  I love these outfits and think they are so sexy … so thank you to the person that sent it … you know who you are … hehe!  I think I like them because the are very revealing but the hint of clothing still leaves something to the imagination.  Best of all, they provide easy access and you don’t have to strip down naked to fuck! This lovely one has on open crotch so whether I leave it on or get naked, either way, we get to fuck! There is nothing I like more than being bent over and fucked from behind. I know guys like watching my ass bounce as we fuck and this is the perfect outfit for it. So fuck me from behind and spank that ass at the same time. I’ll pull my tits out of the top of this fishnet and you can watch them swing too! …. CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Let’s Do This!

Dawn Marie Is Ready To Do It!

OK I’m ready and the planning is in action. Next week I’ve rented a hotel room for all new shoots and some sex shoots too! I can’t wait it is going to be so funny and naughty meeting some guys again. It’s been a while just a crazy busy fall and Christmas season has sort of kept me on the sidelines but next week I’ll be jumping in with both feet (or should I say with tits and ass … VBEG!) and it’s going to be a fantastic time.

Shooting in hotels is always turn on … I think it’s because of the environment and so I’m excited to feel hard cock in my pussy and let slide slowly and deliberately in and out of my lips. I just love getting a new hard cock and taking care of it nice and slow. I like things to last and having a new man to play with just makes my pussy wet for days in advance … hehe!

So CLICK HERE and enjoy what I’ve got in store for this new cock. Please tell me how you like to fantasize about fucking my pussy and me sucking your cock!

Dawn Marie: Ready To Blow!

Dawn Marie Is Ready For Some Strange Hard Cock!

If you know me and have followed my site for a while you know I’m a pretty good girl. Yes I totally get naughty but seldom is with people I have not taken the time to meet. But today is one of those days where I just have a kinky desire to do something totally different and super naughty.

I am so ready to just suck the cock of a stranger. I mean something really quick, fun and no strings attached. Just some instant insane gratification.

Imagine I looked you up on Craig’s List and agreed to swing by your place .. no small talk, no getting to know each other … I just show up and walking in and we go at it. I take my clothes off and kneel down between your legs and instantly start sucking your cock until it is totally hard and ready for my pussy. Next I crawl into your lap, rub my pussy all over you cock and let you bury it deep inside of me. We fuck for 15 minutes until we both cum. Then I kiss you on cheek and say goodbye .. that’s it! Sound good to you? Then CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Champagne Fuck!

Dawn Marie Fucks The Champagne Bottle!

Happy New Year … I hope you had a wonderful 2014 … I certainly did and loved the past year and there are many exciting things coming up for 2015.  I must confess I’ve been a little lazy that past two weeks. With the Holidays falling the middle of the week I decided to take a couple weeks vacation.  But don’t worry beginning next week I am going to be the picture and video taking naughty wife that I’ve always been.  I have many fun things planned for 2015 and cannot wait to start living out my naughty adventures again.

So today enjoy this New Year flashback to 28-Dec-2003.  I enjoy this champagne bottle going into my pussy and feeling it deep inside of me. Makes me thing of a big cock inside of me. All these naughty thoughts of things inside me makes my mind wander to the near future when things will be hot and horny once again! CLICK HERE PICTURES ALL REMASTERED AND INCLUDING LOTS OF PICTURES NOT ORIGINALLY POSTED.