Dawn Marie: Purple Passion

Dawn Marie In Purple Fishnet & Ready For Passion!

There is just something about the color purple that brings out passion in the people. Perhaps because it is a color people don’t wear a lot in public, however, there is lots of lingerie in purple.  I think that the color purple evokes passion and makes people think more erotically. It definitely does for me … VBEG! So today I am wearing purple fishnet and I hope the combination of purple and fishnet  evoke some sexual feelings in you. My catsuit is also crotchless and you know what that means hehe. You can bend me over and fuck me without me having to take off my fishnet or heels. Now that sounds like some good sexual fun. If you are willing to bend me over … CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Getting Off In Angel’s Bed!

Join Me Fingering My Pussy In Angel’s Bed! HD Video!

Hey guys, hello from the Lone Star State and Lone Star Angel’s Studio. We have traveled to Tx to visit with Angel and Devil and I was in need of an update, so why not do it right here in her studio… shhhh don’t tell her, LOL. So, get your cock out and watch me fingering my wet pussy to a pretty quick orgasm. Gets me so wet to think that you are watching and playing with your cock. Oh and thanks to Angel for the sexy leggings she gave these to me and how bad of me to rip them, vbeg… So check me out in Angels bed!!! So CLICK HERE and check me out in Angels bed!!! – FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Dawn Marie: Mom In Spandex

Dawn Marie In Spandex & Fishnet … Ready to Get Naughty!

I swear there is nothing that feels sexier than spandex when you put it on! The way it hugs your body just gives you that all over erotic feeling.  As you know I am a curvy mom and wife and when I stretch this spandex all around my booty and thighs it just has a way of turning me on.  I love how it hugs every inch of me. Then you add in the fishnet top, and I am ready for some fun.  I think it would be a blast to go out to a bar in a fancy hotel wearing this outfit. However,  I enter the bar with a sexy little leather jacket over top the fishnet and sit down at the bar. I just imagine you strolling into the bar after a long day of work and sitting down on the barstool next to me. You order up a cocktail and we begin talking.  As we get to know each other I let the front of my jacket “fall open accidentally” and for the first time you get a glimpse of of my fishnet covered tits. You look at my face and just smile at me. You make the suggestion that we finish up our cocktails and then head up to your room, I politely agree. Once upstairs in the room all decorum is quickly drop and we get down, dirty and naughty. You rip my fishnet top off and bend me over to spank my spandex covered butt! Quickly I unhook your belt and drop your pants to reveal your already hard cock! You promptly pull my spandex down over my butt and bury your hard cock into my already wet pussy and we fuck like two high school kids having sex for the first time. Sound like something we could make a reality? Let me know … VBEG! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Public Bathroom Masturbation!

Join Me Masturbation In A Public Bathroom! HD Video!

So just the other day I as out running errands and texting with a friend of mine. He was all worked up and proceeded to get me all worked up with is sexting messages LOL! When out running around there is not exactly anywhere to go and get off, but I got creative! When I went into this little local hardware store to get a couple of things I realized they had one of those public “unisex” bathrooms. So I took my iPhone into the bathroom, set it on the sink and made this video. I have to tell you, it was so erotic getting off knowing people were just on the other side of the door! I was horny enough from the naughty texts I was getting, but the potential of getting busted even made me more horny … VBEG! So be careful guys, if you see a woman go into a public bathroom and she takes a little longer than you think she should you never know what might be happening in there … it could be her masturbating behind closed doors LOL! So CLICK HERE and join me on my daily routine of running errands and watch this candid video as I totally orgasm in the public bathroom! – FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Dawn Marie: Fun with Big Tits!

Let’s Play & Fuck My Big Tits! HD Video!

Recently in one of my cam shows some the guys were asking for tit shaking and playful titty video. Over all my years on the Internet naked it’s always been about my big ole’ butt or PAWG has it’s called nowadays. But I do have 38DDD tits so they get a lot attention too. So today on New Year’s Day I shot a special video that is all about tits! I shake them, I tease them and I give you jack off encouragement because I love guys cumming all over my tits. So join me for this focus on my tits and let’s shake and sucking em’ together. But must of all I want you to slide your hard cock up between my big tits so I can watch it squirt! You game? CLICK HERE AND YOU CAN PLAY WITH MY BIG TITS – FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Dawn Marie: Santa’s Secret

Dawn Marie Share’s Santa’s Dirty Little Secret!

I hope I’m not blowing the image of Santa Claus here but this is my story. Growing up we all learned to leave Santa a little gift or snack to show our appreciation for all the hard work he does each year coming to all our houses to deliver all the wonderful gifts. Well since I started on the Web way back in 1998 I have started a new tradition. I wanted to gift Santa a little something extra each year and not just cookies and milk. So I started staying up late on Christmas eve and wearing this cute little one piece Santa lingerie outfit. When Santa shows up at my house I peer around the corner and then surprise him in my little outfit. I know Ms. Claus would be quite upset but I also know men and men like to see a little strange every now then. So when I started surprising Santa all those years ago in this outfit I could see the pleasure I was providing. Santa would leave me little gifts and I’d give him images of vitality and sexuality that he can carry with him through the night. But there is only one problem … Santa is not the cheating type and he would never go behind Mrs. Claus’ back. So I need a more mortal man to help satisfy my sexual urges in this little outfit. Would you be willing to come by my house on Christmas Eve and surprise me with your nice warm and hard cock? Just imagine us together and I lift up my little outfit revealing a present that we can both share together. If this sounds like something you would enjoy for Christmas come over and you can be my back door Santa! CLICK HERE!

P.S. Please don’t tell Mrs. Claus about Santa enjoying me in my little outfit. He has his reputation you know.

Dawn Marie: Xmas Quickie?

Dawn Marie Says Tis’ The Season To Be Naughty!

It’s that time of year again … time to get naughty with your loved one and even naughty with some hot woman at your company Christmas Party .. hehehe! So are you ready for a little naughty fun this Holiday season. I’ve always had the fantasy of running off with some guy at the Christmas party and just sneaking into the bathroom .. VBEG! I’ve never done it before but the thought of it turns me on so much. You know what I’m talking about .. sneak into the bathroom with that neighbor you’ve always had the hot’s for, we’re both dressed in or formal wear and we just have a super hot 10 or 15 minute quickie. Then we go back out to the party with a naughty grin on our faces. People look and talk but no one but us really knows what happened ;) So would you be willing to try that with me? The thought of it is very titillating for for me.

So have you ever had the desire to sneak off with that hot neighbor you’ve always admired? I’ve always wanted to do it at the annual neighborhood Christmas Party. Something about the formal attire just always turns me on and gets me excited. I want to do it, but I’m always afraid of getting caught.. but you never know what might happen this year .. after all Tis the season to be naughty … CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Xmas Cocktails

Treating Myself To XXXMas Cum CockTail!

Ok guys … some of you may remember these and some of you may not. But regardless I have posted 72 pictures with this set and when I previously posted back on 16-Dec-2001 I had only posted like 20 pictures.  I was looking today through old pictures for a Xmas throwback Thursday photo and stumbled upon these. They are so much fun for this time of year I decided to bring em’ back.  Hard to believe that after starting in 1998 I’m getting close to 20 years of posting myself naked on the Internet LOL.

Around the holidays we all enjoy some cocktails. But I had a particular naughty cocktail in mind for this day LOL!  Posing naked in front the tree got me all worked up so I grabbed a wine glass and started working hubby’s cock. He was thrilled and just kept the camera snapping off pictures. I sucked his hard cock until it exploded on my face and in the glass so I could drink it down! Do you have xmas cocktail you want me to try? If so CLICK HERE and mix me up your special cocktail so I can drink it down!

Dawn Marie: It’s The Time Of Year For Giving!

Giving You Dawn Marie This Time Of Year!

Well Christmas time is upon us and New Years is coming fast so it’s the time of year for giving and thanks. I have a lot to be thankful for this year and one the things I am most thankful for is my health after all I’ve been through.  Furthermore, I am especially thankful for all of you that have followed me all these years have stuck by me and my little site on the web.  It would of been easy to leave with me being sick this past year, but you stuck by me and I want to give you big kisses for that … mmuuaahh!

So I have something special for you this holiday season, how about me under the tree in fishnet … VBEG? You know we can turn down all the lights except for the lights on the tree, lay out a nice blanket on the floor and have some amazing sex with nothing but the Christmas tree lights to guide our desires. The thought of you sliding up inside my web pussy with such a romantic tree lit scene is enough to make any woman horny.  So CLICK HERE and unwrap me under the tree!

Dawn Marie: Thanksgiving Glass

Glass In Dawn Marie’s Pussy On Thanksgiving – HD Video!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I thought what a better way to start off Thanksgiving than with fat glass toy in my wet pussy! You get a great view of it sliding in and out. Just imagine your cock in place of this glass bounding my wet pussy and making me cum. But I want you to cum too so work that hard cock in and out of my pussy and let’s cum together! After that I am ready for some Turkey LOL!