Dawn Marie: Sucking Your Cock!

Dawn Marie Wants To Suck Your Cock!

Hey guys I wanted to do something unique for you today. What I did is very simple but fun. I wanted you to see what it was like if I was to suck your cock! No fancy setting and no fancy lights. Just put the camera on the tripod and started sucking cock. Now imagine that my lips are wrapped around your cock and I was just going down on you. Believe it or not this turns me on as much as it turns you on. I love the idea of sucking a cock I’ve never sucked before and it might as well be yours hehehehe! You can even cum in my mouth and watch what happens as I spill it out … VBEG! So CLICK HERE and slide your cock between my lips. Full HD Video in 1080p and mobile compatible it’s 15+ min. long!

Dawn Marie: Sex at My House!

Dawn Marie Having Someone Over for Sex!

This weekend our son is going out of town so hubby & I will have the house all alone for a change. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to invite someone over for a little fun … VBEG! I know just what I’m going to wear. It’s this tight pink dress with the slits all over it. I love this dress but honestly as much as I’d like to, there is no way I can wear this out in public. I’d be arrested LOL!

So when the man arrives that I invite over I thought I would just answer the door wearing this little number.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I open the door and he sees I am wearing so little.  I’m horny enough that it won’t take long once he is in the house for him to be squeezing me and letting his hands wander in and out of all the slits in this dress. I just can’t wait until his hand runs down to my slit … hehe! Once his cock is all nice and hard I am just going to let him lay back and watch as I suck it into my mouth and work his cock and balls with my lips and tongue. But I won’t let him cum that way because before he does I want him to bend me over this bench and plunge his cock deep into my pussy. Fuck me like the horny mom next door I am and give me all his cum deep in my pussy. Do you want an invite … CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Pantyhose Masturbation!

I Cum In My Pantyhose!

I’ve had requests for more pantyhose pictures and videos so I decided to shoot one today. I was feeling a little extra horny before getting on CAM today so I put on pair of pantyhose and lay back on the sofa just dreaming of you guys watching me. I imagine you running your hands all over my nylon covered legs, ass and pussy! I worked myself into a frenzy and you can even hear my pussy juices flowing as I move my fingers in at out. WOW this 15 mins. of video really turned me on made me orgasm like crazy! I hope your hard, dripping and shooting your cum too! Be sure to tell me about the mess you made … you know I love hearing the details … VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB AND LET’S MASTURBATE TOGETHER! FULL 1080P HD AND MOBILE VIDEO!

Dawn Marie: I’m Tight Again!

Dawn Marie in Tight Blue Fishnet!

Well guys here I am in a tight dress again. Well perhaps this one cannot be classified as a dress since it’s fishnet and completely see through VBEG!  However, lately I have had so many tight dresses sent to me off my wish list and the comments from my followers just don’t stop. Many of you have been telling me you want to see more of these tight dresses and outfits. I’m happy to oblige because I do like wearing them.  I’m not sure what it is about the skin tight outfits that meets your approval so much but I am glad you like them. Perhaps the tight outfits help to accentuate my curves or perhaps because they are revealing but still give you a tease? I think I need to go out some night wearing one of these tight outfits underneath my skirt and top and then reveal it to someone in a hidden spot inside the club. What do you think? Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak off in a club to a bathroom stall or dark secluded hallway to to have quickie? CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Retro Office Pantyhose

Retro Pantyhose In the Office!

Ok guys this is an old picture set taken way back on 26-Jul-2004. However, back then I only posted 20 of the pictures and today I posted all 40 of them and they are all REMASTERED in todays larger resolutions!  I am posting this because I have a member who saw one of these pictures on the web somewhere but had never seen the whole picture set.

The thing I noticed most about these picture is look at the computers LOL! The old beige box and monitors running Windows.  A far cry from the fancy Macs we use today in our home.  But all in all this is a great picture set. As you know I just love wearing pantyhose and this day in the office I just imagined you coming up to me at work flirting and winking at me. I follow your lead and we sneak off to the back storage closet for quickie! You pull my dress up, rubbing your hard cock all over my pantyhose. Next I squat down in front of you with urgency so we don’t get caught and suck your cock until it is hard. I stand up and you spin me around bending me over and pull down the back of my pantyhose just enough to plunge your cock deep in my pussy. We fuck like rabbits right there in the storage closet biting our lips just enough so we don’t get busted. After you cum in my pussy I quickly pull up my pantyhose and we go back to our desks. I sit there doing my working feeling your hot cum inside of me as I work. CLICK HERE if this torrid office quickie is something you’d like to do!

Dawn Marie: Getting Off Outside!

Dawn Marie Naked Outside!

I know for most of you, you think Phoenix is like Spring all winter long! But for us that live here it is finally the time of year that I can get naked outside again … hehehe! I put on this super sexy pink dress that I wore in my last video update and decided to shoot some pictures in the back yard. It always feels so sexy to have the breeze blowing over my naked body! In the backyard underneath my blooming orange tree I strip down and get naked taking off this tight, hole filled dress and I think of a man just taking me outside in the breeze. Believe it or not I’ve only had sexy outside a couple of times in my life and it is always an amazing experience!  So CLICK HERE and let’s get busy in my backyard! I know we both can get off!

Dawn Marie: Cum In My Holes

Cum In My Holes I Want It!

I got this dress from a friend and it’s so sexy with all the holes in it. Just putting it on made me horny as hell. All I can think about is you filling my holes. I want your cock to fill me and cum inside of me. Imagine us in bed and me wearing this slinky little number! I’d slowly undress you and get out your nice hard cock. First I’d let you fill my mouth as I suck your cock to a rock hard rod! Then I’ll get on my hands and knees and let you slide that cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me and watch my ass bounce until you cum inside of me! So as I fill my pussy now you stroke your cock and just think of us together! Let’s cum! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Got My Heart On!

Heart On – Hard On!

I got my heart on and I want you to get a hard on … VBEG! I am ready to start doing some new sex shoots again and I cannot wait to get some new hard cock inside of me. I am normal housewife most of the time but I just love being a a naughty wife too and I am working on setting up some new sex shoots. There is nothing like having a new cock in my hand, in my mouth and most of all in my pussy! I love getting on top of man and riding his hard cock cowgirl style. Bouncing my butt up and down on his cock is something that really turns me on. So stay tuned because I promise I have some hot new sex shoots coming soon … hehehehe! I just love how this super tight red heart dress makes me feel. I get so horny in this dress and I cannot wait to climb in bed with you and let you pull the stretchy fabric as you get out my tits to suck on or pull up the bottom exposing my pussy! I want you to bend me over and just fuck me like it is the last day on earth. Watch my ass bounce from behind while you slide your cock in out of my pussy. What’s that ….. you want to cum inside of me? Well go right ahead because I love feeling a mans warm cum fill my pussy! So you got your hard on? Then CLICK HERE and let’s put it to good use!

Dawn Marie: Morning Sun

Come Enjoy The Warm Arizona Winter

I know that most of you around the country have had to endure a brutal winter this year.  So I thought I’d try to bring some sun light into your lives … hehehe! Winter here in Arizona does get a little chilly at times, but nothing like the freezing cold temperatures and snow that most of the USA and Canada has had to endure over this 2014 winter.  I went out one winter morning to shoot these pictures at the South Mountain Park in Phoenix. It was a little chilly but the morning sun sure felt warm on my body. Only wearing pantyhose, boots, and bra under my overcoat I was able to have the warm morning sun to bathe my body. It was so erotic getting naked and naughty out in the cool morning air with the warm sunshine. So are you ready to leave the snow and get naughty with me in the warm morning sun here in Arizona? If so CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: He Deserves a Blowjob!

He Deserves a Blowjob! 10+ Min. HD Video

Funny thing happened yesterday that spurred this totally impromptu update.  Yesterday morning I was getting ready to go on to live cam and hubby saw me getting ready. Suddenly he became very horny and in all fairness I’ve been lacking lately in my wifely duties.  After I saw he was getting a little worked up I invited him in the bedroom. I immediately got down on my knees and started sucking his cock. He became so hard and aroused by my move that he whipped out is brand new iPhone 5s and recorded this full HD 1080p video. I’m glad he did it because he shot a huge load that hit right in the face and dripped all the way down on to my tits! Having one of these totally impromptu spontaneous encounters turned us both on and I was glad we captured it on video for you. Needless to say by the time I got started with my cam show I was horny as hell! CLICK HERE for this blow job video with BIG CUMSHOT!