Dawn Marie: Give It To Mom!

Give It To Mom … Hubby is Neglecting Her!

That’s it … I’m going on the offensive here! I need a man that can give me what I crave! Hubby is so damn busy doing so many other things he doesn’t seem to have time for me anymore! He’s always our running around doing some kind of hobby! So CLICK HERE if you are up for a one night stand of pure bliss .. just good old fashion sex with no strings attached! Believe me I’ll make it worth your while … hehehehe!

Dawn Marie: Got Wood?

Give Dawn Marie Your Wood To Me On The New Wood Floor!

So after weeks of sweat, toil and tears .. my new flooring is finally starting to look good and my house is getting back to normal. So now I think it’s time to break in my new floor with a good ole’ fashion romp. Just imagine my sweaty back squeaking on the floor while my legs are up over my head drilling your hard wood in to my wet pussy … VBEG! CLICK HERE AND NAIL ME ON THE HARDWOOD FLOOR .. LET’S CUM TOGETHER!

Dawn Marie: Sheds Her Bikini

MILF Dawn Marie Sheds Her Bikini In The Backyard!

Ok guys I decided to be a little risky today. You can’t tell from this photo … but I’m really in the wide open out here .. yes my backyard is fenced in, however, I have two story houses next to mine so anyone upstairs looking out the window will see me in all my naked glory … hehehe! It’s kind of naughty knowing that I might get busted by one of my neighbors *VBEG*!

I started with my Bikini on so you’ll get to see that but there is just something very erotic about floating in the pool naked with the warm summer air flowing over my body. CLICK HERE AND LET’S PLAY IN THE WATER!


Dawn Marie: The Applicant

Dawn Marie Has  The Applicant Give It To Her!

Mr. Thompson needed his loan completed over night so that he could get some money out of his house and get some creditors paid off on Saturday or else he was in real trouble. Well I told him I’d been working all day and needed a break. But I had a special break in mind … hehehe! If he snuck out from his wife and came over to my office and was willing relieve my stress, I told him I would make sure his loan was completed by morning! So I got his interest up in a good way and we both met our goals for that evening … CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: The Voyeur Makes It a 3 Some!

His Wife Could Stand to Watch and Jump in for 3 Way!

This was one crazy night! I was meeting a guy that was in town for a holiday with his wife.  He tells me his wife wanted to watch him have sex with another woman and she would really enjoy being of a voyeur.  I sound pretty kinky and fun to me and I always like when the wife knows what is going on so I said what the heck and went over to meet them.  Well let’s just say that is not exactly what happened LOL! Me and her hubby were just minutes in to getting busy with some fun sex and I guess she just could not stand it and decided to jump right in.  At first I was surprised but then I just went with the flow and we had one awesome 3 way. Sucking dick, eating pussy and having a blast. Even did 69 which my ass in his face! I’m telling you this little blonde was full of energy I think she was drinking Red Bull or something because she was bouncing off the walls.  It was really cool fooling around with a  husband wife team because normally it’s me fooling around with married man out on his own LOL! Best part … after I made him cum, he made me cum!  So CLICK HERE for all the 3 way fun!

Dawn Marie: Waiting For His Return

Waiting Naked On The Balcony For Him to Return!

Here I am at the resort .. this is such a beautiful place and fills me (and someone else) full of fond memories. We met here two years ago and spent 2 nights of bliss together. It is something that neither of us have ever forgotten and something we both cherish in our hearts. So here I am again but he is not with me this time. I am waiting for his return (you know who you are) and I want you to meet me again as I wait 100% naked for you outside on the balcony. There is not sneaking into your first floor room this time. You’ll have to come upstairs and get me! So if you are ever in the Phoenix area please give me a call and let me know. Because the waiting has been going on to long enough and we both know what we’re waiting for … CLICK HERE!


Dawn Marie: Naked or Not? It’s Your Call!

Is Dawn Marie Better Naked?

You know me .. I’m totally flattered that you guys like looking at my site and I by no means do I consider myself a “hottie”. However, recently one of my non-Internet girlfriends bought me this shirt and I just thought it was cool of her and I was absolutely flattered. BTW .. she knows I have an adult website.

Well you know me, I’m way to humble to make the call on whether or not I look better naked. Personally I’m questioning that notion … LOL! But anyway, this is your chance for you to make the call … CLICK HERE and let me know if you agree with the shirt my beautiful girlfriend gave me :)

Dawn Marie: Throw Back Thursday

Flashing In Phoenix on May 4th, 2002!

This was a dare from one of my members who works in downtown Phoenix. He works in the office building just adjacent to this parking garage and dared me to come down while he was working and get naked on the roof! So I went downtown on this busy working day .. then I called his cell phone when I was on the roof. He told me to give him 10 minutes and that he would be over to the window to watch. So after waiting the ten minutes I proceeded to get totally naked on the roof of the parking garage. What I didn’t know until afterwards was that he brought all his work buddies over the window! After I was done getting totally naked and showing my pussy to my friend I was SHOCKED and EMBRASSED when he told me on the phone afterwards that all his buddies watched too .. LOL! But what can I say at least all the men working in his building that day got a little break from the stress … CLICK HERE and see me naked and  naughty in downtown Phoenix!


Faith: The Tutor

Faith and Dawn Marie … The Tutor!

I’ve decided to go back to school and am taking a night class… and it’s been so tough!  I’ve had to get a tutor to help me get through it!  She has very strict rules on what I can and can’t wear… and this week I got in trouble for having a short skirt and a shirt on that said I love cock.  She bent me over the table and thought she would teach me a few lessons on the birds and the bees… but little did she know I was going to teach her a few lessons of my own. CLICK HERE to see how the tables quickly got turned on this naughty teacher!

Dawn Marie: Quickie BJ for Hubby

Dawn Marie Gives Hubby A Quickie Blow and Go!

There is not a whole lot to say about this update! Recently hubby came home from shooting our new site BlowBangGirls.com and was hornier than hell.  I imagine it is tough on him shooting all those sexy women giving blowjobs yet he receives none of the action.  He ask me if I wanted to fool around. I said no because I had just gotten cleaned up and ready to go out for the evening. But being the good wife I am I said … “OK, let me take off my clothes and I’ll give you a quickie blowjob, however, you CANNOT cum in my face because I don’t want to re-do my makeup.”  He  agreed and this is what transpired … I guess hubby was horny because he shot a huge load of cum all over my belly … LOL! … CLICK HERE!

P.S. This is a totally amateur shoot no fancy clothes, no fancy lighting, no fancy camera .. just me sucking off hubby while he as pocket size camera in his hand!