Dawn Marie: Selfies In The Raw

Check Out 60+ Personal Selfies Dawn Marie Is Sharing!

Hey guys!  As you know I am currently on vacation.  I was hoping to shoot new pics while traveling, but we were staying with family and really have not had the opportunity.  I didn’t want to post an archive set, so I decided to post some pics from my phone.  These are pics I have shot while I was camming, or shooting pics for my site or even sharing with “friends”.  Would you like to be one of my “friends” that receives my special pics?  Having your own private spank bank of DM pics?  Check out my special collection of pics and remember your feedback is always welcomed!!! CLICK HERE for all the raw totally unedited personal selfies!

Dawn Marie: Pantyhose Playtime

Dawn Marie Wants Some Naughty Pantyhose Playtime!

It’s been quite a while since I did a pantyhose update so I thought this week we have some fun with an all new pantyhose picture set. So here I am in business attire and all excited for you to show up.  I have on my skirt, heels and pantyhose just for you. But the best part of this would be having you here to rub your hands up and down my nylon covered legs and to have you rub my pussy through the nylon.  But of course we don’t have to stop there. After lots of pantyhose play and teasing and I want you to slowly undress me item by item until I am naked and ready to take your hard cock into my pussy. Just imagine peeling my pantyhose off my legs and bending me over to slide your hard cock inside me. I’m sure to make you cum and I’m sure you’ll make me cum too … so let’s do it! CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: BBC Oral Creampie!

Dawn Marie’s BBC POV 1080p HD Video w/Oral Creampie Cumshot!

What a fun afternoon I had yesterday!!  I figured it was time to get back in the saddle so to speak and start filming some new hot videos.  So I contacted a friend of mine, Joe (Long Time Coming Video).  I shot a video with Joe two years ago and I hit him up to see if he wanted to do another video with me and he was game.  So I went over to his place with camera and light in hand and we made this video.  Have you missed me playing with a big black cock??  Well so have I, hehe..  Check out this hot video, watch me take Joe’s hard cock deep in my throat, run my tongue down to his balls and suck on them. Joe recorded the video while I pleasured his big cock and of course there is a big mess at the end.  Watch the video and let me know what you think! CLICK HERE! 


Dawn Marie: Bounce & Cum On His Face!

I Bounce and Cum on His Face … Are you Next? 17+ Min. HD Video!

When hubby and I first met he told that one of the things that really attracted him to me was my big round booty. There is nothing hubby likes more than me bouncing on his face while he sucks and licks my pussy. So for this video I gave him what he wanted. Watch as I ride hubby’s face bouncing my ass and the while he is licking, sucking and slurping up my pussy. It felt so good being on top of him as he used his mouth to the point of making me orgasm all his face. Hubby loves a wet slopping face full of my cum and I did my best to give it to him. So put yourself in this video and just imagine me riding your face. Would that be something you want to do? You can now experience it in full 1080p HD video! CLICK HERE! 

Dawn Marie: Sexy Selfie Stick!

Dawn Marie Users Selfie Stick To Make One Sexy Set of Pictures & HD Video!

For whatever reason, it always seems like March is so very busy for us.  We have the Phoenix Forum, Spring Training, friends visiting, both new and old.  March has us running around like crazy.  Now with that said, Rob had a full day at the Forum, so I grabbed my phone and did my update all by myself.  I started snapping these pics and thinking about you seeing them and know that I am doing them for you, and I got all excited.  So this is not only a Pictorial, but a little video of me playing with my pussy up close and personal.   I’m thinking I need to have a friend take pics of me next with my phone, would you be down??  Would you be willing to take pics of me getting naked? Think you could do it without getting hard?  Well if you did get hard, we would just have to take care of that.. check out my update of me getting naked just for you!!! CLICK HERE!


Dawn Marie: The Bet

Dawn Marie Wins The Bet & Gets His Dick In Her Mouth! HD Video!

If you follow me on Twitter or stop in on my FREE Members Cam, then you have heard me talk about collecting on a bet.  As you know, I am a HUGE Cowboys fan and my friend Bryce is an Eagles fan.  Yes, I know what you are thinking why would anyone willingly be an Eagles fan, right??  Bryce and I have fooled around a few times off camera, he has a job that would not be keen with him being on my site.  The first time we did anything was pretty freakin’ hot and I blogged about it here!

 So two years ago when our teams met up for their first game of the season we made a bet.  I don’t even remember what happened if I lost, but that doesn’t matter, as he lost, LOL.  So for loosing the bet, he agreed to do a POV video with me, that way not showing his face :) (pretty cool bet if you can get it, right?  You lose and you get a BJ, hehe)  Well I finally collected on the bet and Bryce recorded the POV with my iPhone.  He held the phone while I got to play with his already hard cock.  CLICK HERE and check out the HD  video and watch as I take him deep in my throat and suck on his balls and let him cum on my tits!  Think you could win a bet with me?  Or should I say lose a bet with me?? 

Dawn Marie: Kiss Me & Spank Me!

I’m Naughty Irish Girl on St. Patrick’s Day

Yeah Yeah I have some Irish in me and hubby is almost 100% Irish :) So March is always a fun time of year for us when we get to celebrate our heritage. How do we celebrate … with some good ole’ beer, partying with friends and generally frisky night out at bar.

But I’m wondering what might happen this year when I show up at the bar wearing this shirt … hehehe! I know I’ll get a few fun kisses but I’m wondering how many will take me up on the spanking part … VBEG! After all my big ole’ butt enjoys a good smack once in a while!


Dawn Marie: Join Me For Afternoon Delight

Dawn Marie Want’s You For Some Afternoon Delight

Recently I updated our bedroom with new paint a few new pieces of furniture along with some new colors.  After I was done hubby was like “nice … our room now looks like one of those  fancy spas hotels”. Hubby thinks our room looks like a spa with all the grays,whites and blacks. It’s a very calming space now with the colors and new furniture.  So I thought maybe you may want to join me in the spa.  Just imagine us sneaking off to a swanking hotel in a ritzy part of town. We decide that some afternoon delight is in order.  I get to the hotel early in the day and get the room all comfy for us. Then you arrive on your lunch break and I am already in bed waiting for you wearing only my lingerie.  There is not a lot of small talk, you come in see me and I immediately start undressing you. I unzip your pants and slide them down letting you step out of them. Then I help you remove you shirt and suit  coat.  I immediately drop to my knees pulling down your boxers revealing your hard cock.  I take it into my mouth and start sucking your cock until it is rock hard.  After I have you nice and hard you throw me back on the bed and spread my legs immediately burying your hard cock deep in my pussy.  It’s only lunch time but you are fucking me hard and fast just as if it’s late night after the club. Our afternoon delight turns to pure passion as we fuck and embrace. You pull out and then roll over on your back. I climb on top of you and starting fucking you again but this time my tits are hanging in your face. As we fuck I cum several times on your big cock and you are just drenched in my wet pussy juices. Finally you look me right in the eyes and tell me you are about to cum.  So I get up off your cock and immediate wrap my mouth around your cock and you fuck my mouth until you cum explodes right between my lips. You get to watch all the warm cum run down your hard shaft as the oral creampie you gave me makes a mess. I finish you off letting you watch me lick up all the cum from your shaft and balls. Now that is some pure afternoon delight in the spa room?  Are you game for such a meeting? CLICK HERE!

Dawn Marie: Panty Stuffing!

It’s Just Me You And The Camera … Panty Stuffing! HD Video!

Hey guys, another first for me and I don’t mean doing my own video, but panty stuffing. I don’t think in the 18 years of being on the web that I have ever done this, so I hope you enjoy. So, get your cock out and stroke it for me, while I get my panties all wet and then stuff them in my pussy. Watch me as I have an orgasm with them inside my pussy. What would you do with them if you had them? Would you wrap them around your cock as you stroke it or would you want to smell them and my sweet pussy as you stroke your cock? CHECK OUT the video and let me know what you would do with my panties … Do you think you can do that for me?? CLICK HERE and I stuff my panties … FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB with mobile version!

Dawn Marie: Corner Me!

Dawn Marie Cornered In The Bar!

If you know me and have followed me for some time you undoubtedly know that I am a strong woman with a strong sense of self. However, when it comes to sex I am definitely a submissive and I like a guy that takes charge! I’ve always had this incredibly erotic fantasy of being cornered in a bar by a man. I just imagine being in a bar having a drink in a dark corner booth when a man I don’t even know comes up and slides in the both next to me! He corners me so I’m trapped in the booth with him. Without hesitation he looks me in the eye and slides his hand up my skirt right there at the table! By this time my pussy is just dripping with juice as he fingers me under the table. I have to maintain my composure as he works my pussy to the point of explosion. After I shiver and cum right there in the booth with wet juices between my legs I reach over unzip his pants and slide my hand inside his pants pulling out his hard cock underneath the table. We sit there and talk and enjoy our drinks and the whole time I am stroking his hard cock under the table. I can feel his cock starting to pulse and I grip it tight stoking nice and slow until he cums. I try not to make a mess so I keep hold of his cock and his cum is all over my hand.  Finally I pull my hand from underneath the table and lick up all is warm cum so he can watch. We both successfully have orgasms right in the dark corner of the bar! Now doesn’t that sound like a fun fantasy … let’s make it reality CLICK HERE!