Dawn Marie: Guest Preparaton

I Wanna Fuck My Hubby’s Friend!

Ok guys … this is kind of kinky and interesting at the same time. The past week I’ve been cleaning up, organizing and preparing our guest room for a quest coming next month. We’ve not used the guest room in a while so it was all full of junk and need cleaned up. So this guest that is coming one of Rob’s really hot friends from growing up and I’ve always thought this guy was great looking. But I’ve never said anything because of course it’s weird to come on to one of your hubby’s best friends … LOL!

I finally worked up my nerve and asked Hubby if I could make a pass at him and he said sure … I was surprised but I guess in retrospect I shouldn’t have been because Hubby is all about the me being naughty factor .. VBEG!

So what I decided to do was take these pictures right where this guy is going to sleep. Then after a couple nights of him sleeping in the bed I’m going to pull up the pictures on my computer and show him … kind of like making a pass at him and letting him know I was thinking of getting naked with him as I took these pictures. So what do you think? Do think I’m crazy or do you think me being totally naked and spread in the place where is going to sleep will turn him on … CLICK HERE!


Dawn Marie: Into The Mist

Dawn Marie Getting All Wet & Naked In The Mist!

This week the heat has finally arrived in Phoenix and it’s been over 90 degress .. So I got out my little mister and sprayed myself down. I put a very thin sleeveless wife beater  shirt and my cut up daisy duke shorts and got myself wet.  Nothing like cooling down from the Arizona heat with a mister. What until you see the close ups of my wet pussy just dripping! CLICK HERE and cool down with me but be careful because I think this type cooling down will heat us both up!

Dawn Marie: Vacation Interracial 3-Way

MILF Interracial 3-Way w / Cumshots
150+ pics & 25+ min. Video!

Sometimes I don’t believe the stuff that happens in my life … LOL! But I must say when things like this happen it’s pretty hot and when it’s so spontaneous it’s even more of turn on. So here is the story that happened to us in real life … Hubby and I decided to take a couple in-town vacation days because we just needed a little break away from the house and thought it would be fun *smile* So I found a beautiful old resort on the far west side of Phoenix headed towards L. A. It was the Wigwam Golf Resort & Spa, a beautiful place built in 1912 and all renovated to modern but with it’s old warm charm. We were looking forward to 2 days of R&R, floating in the pool and just chilling out away from phones and work. So the first after day we were just hanging by the pool and noticed it was a little more crowded than we expected. Anyway, we spoke to some people at the pool and they said there was a University of Phoenix event going on at the resort so that is why all the people were there, but it was only a day event and they’d all be gone by evening. No biggie I thought … then I ran into these two strapping black men. Well the margaritas took over and I boldly asked them back to the room. WOW was I in for a surprise. Their huge black cocks where almost more than I could handle but I made them happy and we all came! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE INTERRACIAL ACTION AND CUMSHOTS 150+ PICTURES & 25+ MIN. OF VIDEO!

Dawn Marie: Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Dawn Marie Floating Naked In The Pool!

It’s Sunday afternoon and hotter than hell in Phoenix. it is so hot outside there is nothing to do but lay in the pool! So I went out this Sunday afternoon and did some skinny dipping :) The cool part was hubby came right into the water with his camera and shot a lot of really cool water level shots of me all spread and my butt cheeks too. Here is the thing I always wonder. When I’m naked on a Sunday afternoon in my back yard pool do you think the neighbors are looking out their upstair windows into my backyard and watching me get naked? I hope so .. hehehe! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE SUNDAY AFTERNOON SKINNY DIPPING!

Hope This Doesn’t Get Me In Trouble

Dawn Marie Teases The Co-Worker at the Office!

I sure hope this doesn’t get me in trouble but then again … the risk is half the fun :) I have a guy at work that knows about my site and he told me how he loves it when I wear pantyhose. So today I wore these black pantyhose into work … I teased the best I could without getting in trouble. Then I whispered into his ear … “watch my website because I’ll go straight home today and take pictures so you can see me all naked and naughty in my pantyhose” … CLICK HERE AND A LOT MORE THAN MY CO-WORKER GOT TO SEE AT THE OFFICE!

Dawn Marie: Sex Yourself Into Shape

Let’s Sex Ourselves Into Shape!

I do enjoy my workouts but doing them week in and week out, it gets old. I’ve seen all the fad exercises on TV and those just come and go and nobody keeps up with them. What we really need is an exercises program that we can burn a ton of calories … then I was thinking. Perhaps someone needs to develop a “sex yourself into shape” routine. You know like 20 minutes on top, 20 minutes from behind, 20 minutes squatting down and sucking …. LOL! CLICK HERE and let’s see if we can burn some calories :)

Dawn Marie: Kiss Me then Spank Me!

Kiss & Spank Dawn Marie on St. Patrick’s Day!

Ok guys I have a confession to make … I am not Irish, however, my husband of 29 years is Irish through and through. He is very proud of his Irish heritage all the way from County Monaghan in Ireland through the hills of eastern Tennessee. So every March hubby’s Irish spirit goes into overdrive, with Irish flags hanging on our house to celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. So In celebration of this St. Patrick’s Day day I thought I’d wear this outfit when we go out on the town :) What do you think? The shirt says “Kiss Me Then Spank Me” and then I’m wearing my green fishnet pantyhose along with my high heel shoes. OK OK I can’t wear these high heels all night long I’d be crippled LOL! But I will wear a shoe with a nice heel! So do you think I can wear this out for St. Patrick’s Day party night or is to risqué or should I go for it? CLICK HERE AND LET ME KNOW!


Dawn Marie: Testing 1-2-3 .. Now Let’s Get Off!

Testing Testing Testing – Now Let’s Get Off!

Hi guys! As you know for the past 8 months Hubby & I have been working very hard to open a new site all owned by us … it’s BlowBangGirls.com and the twitter account is @blowbanggirls. Well the site is almost complete and as soon as we have Visa approval we can open it.

The final step in the process we took this past week. We opened and remodeled a studio so that we have a permanent place to shoot all the BlowBang Girl’s scenes. Our first shoot in the new Studio is on Wednesday March 11th. So on Monday night hubby got all the lights setup and asked if I’d come up and be his subject for the lighting test. While it would have been fun to suck a cock in the new lighting I couldn’t make it happen on such short notice, however, instead of just sitting there I made a little video for you … hehe! Come join me as I shake my ass, shake my boobs and finger my pussy … I figured why waste an opportunity for us to get off together. So CLICK HERE and let’s have some fun in the new studio. 1080p HD Video & Mobile Video

p.s. If you would like to be a male performer in the BlowBang Girl scenes email bj@blowbanggirls.com … please serious inquiries only and you must be able to attend in the Tempe, AZ area.

Dawn Marie: Things Are Getting Hairy

Dawn Marie Showing Off Her Newly Hairy Pussy!

I am not a very hairy person. I am lucky I don’t have shave my legs very often or even shave my pussy very often. But a couple months ago hubby said to me you should let your pussy hair grow back. While I don’t like to be bald down there I also don’t like a lot of pussy hair, I usually keep it pretty tidy … VBEG! But I decided to give my hubby his wish and I have been letting my hair grow back all around my pussy. So you get to see me with bush in this update LOL! It is something that does not happen often … so get it while you can LOL! What do you guys think? Do you like a woman with a bush, landing strip or nothing at all? CLICK HERE and dive in for a hairy good time! 

Dawn Marie: Quick Suck & Fuck!

Dawn Marie Gets A Quickie Fuck and He Cums All Over My Ass! ~ Video!

A couple weeks ago my friend Xaiver called me and was all hot and horny and craving his hard BBC! I was feeling that way myself that afternoon and when he gave me the invitation to come over, so I immediately jumped in my car and headed to his place. We had a real afternoon quickie. I went in and we jump in his bed with no small talk :) It was one of those fast and furious times … I sucked his cock until it was hard and then we simply fucked like rabbits LOL! We didn’t stop until he pulled out and shot his cum all over my BUTT! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO (MOBILE COMPATIBLE) AND WATCH HIM CUM ALL OVER MY ASS! HUGE CUMSHOT FROM BIG BLACK DICK!