Become a Dreamgirl

Become A Dreamgirl ~ Take Pictures – Shoot Video – Interact with People – We Make The Site – You Earn Money!

Wanna Be Dreamgirl? We offer you the chance to earn income, have fun and become a full personality online. In addition to earning money from website memberships we have the ability to set you up with an Affiliate Program so that other webmasters can promote your website around the Internet.

Before you Apply Consider the following:

  • We want women that are amateur and fun.
  • But you MUST be willing to produce content on a weekly basis. 1 update per week is required at minimum to be successful running a website.
  • You must be willing to shoot video and have a means of making videos in MP4 format. Every major video software package is now capable of making MP4 video. Customers expect HD video quality.
  • You must provide 3 months of content up front. To start a site you must have 18 updates at a minimum. That is 6 updates to start your site plus 1 update per week for 3 months.
  • You must continue providing updates on a weekly basis so you always have some stock.
  • You must be willing and have the time to interact via social networking, forums and such.
  • NOTE: If you are just looking for a “Get Rich Quick” scheme then we are not interested. Earning income with an online adult site takes effort. Significant money can be earned but it takes effort and personality. So if you are not committed then don’t apply!
  • I know this is a lot of “musts” but after more than 15 years doing this we know what works.

You are serious about being part of Dreamnet do the following:

  • Email the following to
  • Send the name we should address by and let us know a little about you.
  • Send us a sampling of pictures so we know what you look like and can review your picture quality.
  • If you currently have a website at another place on the Internet please send us the link so we can see it.
  • Do you have a means and time commitment to produce at least 1 picture set or video update to your site each and every week.
  • What type of content are you will to display on your site? Will you be doing only solo pictures, solo and pictures with friends, Group pictures or whatever. Just give us a brief description of what kind of pictures you are willing to take and send in to us.
  • We want Interactive women, will you have time to interact with our fans?
  • Do you have a significant other or consistent photographer that keep you stocked up on pictures and video?