Housewife Kelly: Banging the Bitchy Boss

Bitchy Boss Housewife Kelly Gets Bend Over!

If you wanna work for Mrs. Anderson, you better work hard! I have one guy working for me who’s a real slacker with a smart ass attitude. I’ve called him into my office more than once but this time, I was determined to light a fire under his sorry ass! When it comes to motivating my employees, I do whatever needs to be done. For most guys, pussy is the best motivator. That theory proved to be very true in this case. Wait until you see how hard I have this guy working in this video. He pounded my pussy for 2 amazing orgasms! Then, I had another one on my own just watching him work (You’ll see what I mean). For a man, I would think that there’d be no better feeling in the world than to fuck your bitchy boss. She makes your life a living hell every single day but if you could just bend her over her desk, slide her sexy little panties to the side, and shove your cock into her sweet wet pussy once in a while, it would be a lot easier to put up with right? And how would you like to see her down on her knees looking up at you with your big hard cock in her mouth? Even better; how would you like to unload all over her face right in the middle of the workday? I don’t know about you boys but I’m getting turned on just thinking about it. I’d say this is a good time for you to pull your cocks out and stroke them to this amazingly hot video of a hot bitchy boss having her pussy slammed by her least favorite employee:) I hope you saved your loads up for me this week because this video is gonna drain you completely! Enjoy! CLICK HERE!


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