Housewife Kelly: Closing Deals

Housewife Kelly Closing Deals with Stockings and Heels!

 As some of you already know, I am not only a horny housewife with an insatiable appetite for cock. I also dabble in real-estate from time to time. I have gotten lots of great feedback from the real-estate videos I’ve posted in the past so I thought I’d post another one for you boys this week. I’m not exactly sure what it is you boys like about these videos but I think it might be my sexy sheer stockings and high heels. I know that drives a lot of men wild (which is why I like to wear them). I have closed many real-estate deals but this one in particular took a little extra persuasion. After 2 days of showing apartments to this guy, I decided to dress a little sexy for him to help him make up his mind. Just as I expected, he was very distracted by my sexy stockings and high heels. I think the spectacles I was wearing were a nice touch as well. He was supposed to be looking at the apartment but judging by the bulge in his jeans, he had his sights set on something else. I tried to seduce him as much as possible without letting him know that I was doing it on purpose. I was just waiting for him to make the first move so I could close the deal, in more ways than one he-he. Finally, after a while, I guess he just couldn’t take it anymore and his raw animal instincts got the best of him. I was saying something to him about the apartment and all of a sudden he just reached out and grabbed me by my pussy. It kind of came out of nowhere and I really wasn’t expecting it but my pussy got wet instantly. I guess that was my raw animal instinct kicking in. Before I knew it, his finger was deep inside of me and he could obviously feel that I was dripping wet so there was no denying that I wanted him as bad as he wanted me. I could have had an orgasm just from his fingers penetrating my pussy but he stopped fingering me just before I got off which drove me crazy and made me want his cock even more! I’m not gonna give any details about the rest of this video. It’s so fucking hot that I just want you to watch it for yourself. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. This is the best I’ve been fucked in quite some time and I can’t wait for you to watch it! CLICK HERE!


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