Housewife Kelly: Drunk Wife BJ

Housewife Kelly Gives a Drunk Wife Blowjob!

 I’m going back to my roots with this update! This is just the kind of video content we built our website with back when we launched it. This is exactly the kind of homemade sex video that every married couple has stashed away somewhere. This video was taken in our bed, after a long night of partying. I don’t like the way I look when I’m drunk and I never would have thought this would end up on my website but Shawn insists that it’s really hot and amateur and you guys will love it so, what the hell! I was really drunk and I wasn’t even wearing anything sexy for you guys, just my PJs. All I wanted to do was suck dick, camera or no camera. I always get like that when I’m drunk, lol. Anyway, from what I remember of this video, Shawn and I were out with some friends and ended up getting home at like 4:30 am. I was horny as hell! By the time I changed and got to bed, Shawn was already there and I pretty much got right to work on his cock. I don’t even remember him having the camera but obviously, he did.  I do remember that I made him cum 2 times. Once in my mouth, and once on my face:-) Needless to say, I was one happy wife that night! I wish I could give you more dirty details but honestly I don’t remember. This is about as amateur and homemade as porn can be!  CLICK HERE!  Enjoy! xoxo-Kelly


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