Dawn Marie: Accidentally Flirtatious

Accidentally Flirtatious at the Office!

One thing I love about dressing up in business attire is wearing stockings. Men look at you and they wonder does she have stockings on or pantyhose? Then suddenly you let your skirt slide up a little revealing the top of the stocking and some bare leg and I can feel the eyes of the men looking in the office LOL!

Of course I know longer work a corporate job but I used too and I always loved teasing the guys “accidentally” and this is exactly how I’d do it. Let the skirt slide up a little too high, leave a button on the blouse open a little too much exposing my cleavage or dangle a high heel on the end of my foot! These types of teases would always get me a little attention. Sometimes I’d even be called into the boss’s office and told to “get myself together” LOL!

I always loved the looks and the smiles the men would give me when I was in the corporate world. Tell me … if I were “accidentally flirtatious” at the office would you be willing to come up and say something to me. It would really turn me on and perhaps we would end in the maintenance closet VBEG! CLICK HERE!


  1. You know I would have to cum up to you and say something about how good you look, Dawn! I’d even invite you out to “lunch” so that I could send you back to work with my cum running down your stockings. ;)

  2. mm mmm 1st I’d make sure ur ready. then I’d start from ur feet upwards and go from there

  3. How is one to get any work done in the office Dawn when you turning us on so much. ;) Mm! I think you and I need to go find a much quite spot in the office babes so you can help me with some special work. hehe ;) Looking supper hot as always babes Totally love this set. :) xxxxxx

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