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Angel: Weekend Plans For You!

You Ready For What I have Planned? I look forward to you coming out for the weekend; especially after such a long, stressful month. We’ve had plans for weeks now and I’ve been counting down the days, and now the hours, until you arrive. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you, giving you a kiss as … [Read More...]


Kris Ann: Boxing

Kris Ann Is The Boxing Broad! I have been getting into some new sports lately, boxing and wrestling so here I am all dressed up with my heels on….Ready to take you down hehe  Lets get down and dirty and have some fun. Do you think I have what it takes to take you down or will you take me down? … [Read More...]


Serena: My Guest Photographer

My Guest Photographer With A School Boy Crush 
A True Story: It’s no secret at Buzz’s studios what his wife does on the internet. In fact it is pretty much common knowledge and there is no shortage of Serenawet pics and paraphernalia posted about the shops…HeeHee! So it came as no surprise when … [Read More...]


Taylor Ann: Lucky Camera Man

Taylor Takes The Camera Man's BBC! Recently while shooting a hot scene for my site I had a cute camera man. I’ve had cute guys film me before, but this guy I heard some of the other girls mention, was very well hung. Well, the camera man seemed to like me – whispering in my ear that he wished he … [Read More...]


Kylie Deville: Naughty Bunny

Kylie Deville Is One XXX Bunny Aren’t I the cutest little Easter bunny? Did you know Easter bunnies can also be naughty as well as cute? Have you ever thought about where a naughty Easter bunnie’s yummy eggs come from? Her yummy pussy of course!. And while they feel good popping out, there is still … [Read More...]


Gia: The Heat Is On

Gia Raises The Heat!! The heat is in full effect here in sunny Arizona. Goodbye nice cool weather and hello and welcome to hell. The good news is the pool is finely warm enough to swim in. CLICK HERE and lets take a nice cool dip together and escape from this scorching hot heat. … [Read More...]


Ivy: Blonde Bomb!

Ivy Is Your Blonde Bomb In Lingerie! Today I am the blonde bombshell in full lingerie. Check out my lacey top mini dress and my thong … But the most enjoy apart of wearing an outfit like this is meeting man and having him play with me while I am wearing it. I want to meet you and having strip me … [Read More...]


Amanda: The Hairy One

Latina Amanda Shows Off Her Newly Hairy Pussy It's been a long time since the last time I grew hair on this part of my body, and you should  know that I do it for you, I know you like it,  I know you want to touch it and  feel it over your skin, now is when you can experience this such a nice … [Read More...]


Dawn Marie: Sex at My House!

Dawn Marie Having Someone Over for Sex! This weekend our son is going out of town so hubby & I will have the house all alone for a change. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to invite someone over for a little fun … VBEG! I know just what I’m going to wear. It’s this tight pink dress with the slits … [Read More...]


Rebecca: Animalistic – MILF Hunter!

Rebecca is Animalistic – MILF Hunter! I think I now know why women are often referred to felines!  Because cats are always on the prowl.  I mean, don’t you always see women with cougar or leopard print dresses.  It is also because they like to be hunted down.   And I guess when we wear our leopard … [Read More...]

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