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Dawn Marie: Cheap Hotel

Dawn Marie Is Wait For Cock In The No Tell Motel! You know sometimes you just need a quickie … I have a guy from out of town tonight that wants to meet and we couldn’t meet at his hotel because he’s with his business associates. So I told him I’d get us a cheap hotel. After all we’re only using the … [Read More...]


Rebecca: Catching Up!

Catching Up With Rebecca – An Interview Update! Recently a blog that I interviewed with almost 8 years ago asked if they could ask me more questions to update my profile.  I looked at the old responses and figured that I should update my answers and re-tell my story to everyone in case you all … [Read More...]


Gia: Time To Cum!

Gia CUMS Big Time In HD Video! This was one of those days where I got home from a hard day and just wanted some needed rest and relaxation. I had every intention of laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. Good music and my imagination got the best of me and I started to feel a little like … [Read More...]


Kristine Cumz: Girlfriend Tantrum!

Kristine Cumz Has a Girlfriend Tantrum! You want me to be your girlfriend? Ok, but that means you have to put up with all my quirks - you really willing to do that? Yes! I do have quirks! Like I looove to be the center of attention, especially yours! And when I don't get my way, I'm just like a … [Read More...]


Kris Ann: November Sexy!

Kris Ann Is November Sexy on the Thanksgiving Table! I love this time of year when the table is full of good food and the weather is cold out. I get to bundle up outside but inside I don’t have to…HeHe I can wear as little as I want. Today I wanted to get dressed up for you in my sexy little dress … [Read More...]


Ivy: The MILF Stripper

Ivy Wants To Be Your MILF Stripper! Stripping for guys is one of the things that really turns me on and gets me super excited and soaking wet! Being 40 years old and enjoying my sexuality is something my in shape really allows me to do. So sit back and let me strip for you. I’ll be sure to grind on … [Read More...]


Taylor: 50 Shades

Taylor's 50 Shades of Grey! So my favorite book is 50 shades of grey! I love for Christian to handcuff me and give spanking! I also LOVE to be the dominate one and tell men what to do! So Hubby was on his way home from worm and I thought lets surprise him just wearing a grey tie and high heels!  A … [Read More...]


Kelly: The Affair

Housewife Kelly Has An Affair ... Cougar & Cock! Even though my husband and I have an open relationship, I still sometimes fantasize about having an affair. I know it sounds kinda twisted but he actually fantasizes about me having an affair too, lol. Sometimes, when he's fucking me, I close my … [Read More...]


Miss Lizz: Mistress In Leather

Sexy Miss Lizz Is Your Mistress In Leather! I am hot for you cock as I give you jerk off instructions in my leather thigh high boots. But of course you must wait for me to cum first because I am the boss and it's always about me. After I cum I will count down to 10 and demand your load all over my … [Read More...]


Elli: Dildo Riding!

Elli A Bird in the Tower is Worth Two in the Hand! This video is definitely worth at least two in your hand! By the time I get done teasing you with my massive tits squished into a tight pink lace dress, you may have one done! Then I pull out my big purple veiny cock toy and ride it, with my big … [Read More...]

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