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Angel: Blowjob In The Sun

Lone Star Angel Gives An Outdoor Blowjob! I saw you watching me, hiding behind the trees as if I wouldn’t see you. I knew you were there for awhile and it did excite me to see you itching in your pants. It gave me a thrill to see how much you were enjoying the scenery. I knew what you wanted.  You … [Read More...]


Serena: It’s a Wrap

Serena All Covered In Plastic Wrap   Here’s a little something you may not know about me…I have been told that I am very good in the kitchen! (Both ways actually, hee hee!) I will admit that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house I have lived in. The kitchen is always the heart … [Read More...]


Ashley: Minty Fresh

Ashley In Her Fully Fashioned Mint Lingerie Man this summer has been humid and sticky, in more ways than one ... It's like the second you get out of the shower or the pool you feel dirty and sticky and sweaty. But I cranked up the AC and got all dressed up for you. I want you to make me sticky, … [Read More...]



Can you score on Rebecca?! I know it has been a couple of weeks since the World Cup, but I really got caught up in the spirit this year more than ever.  I liked the way people rallied together around their countries and watching the incredible athleticism and awful acting was quite entertaining … [Read More...]


Taylor Ann: Moe Johnson Interracial Video!

Give Me Moe Johnson! Moe “The Monster” Johnson Exactly! 34+ Min. Interracial Video! After having so much fun with Moe and his friend Isiah, I still wanted a piece of just Moe. Especially having had some of that “monster” of his once, I don’t know any girl that wouldn’t want more. Not only does Moe … [Read More...]


Kristine Cumz: Sunset & Pussy

Kristine Cumz Sharing Her Pussy Outside at Sunset It was such a beautiful evening and the sunset was just gorgeous! Before we went out for the night, I had to just decompress from the day and go watch the sunset. Up to the roof I went and didn't even realize you followed me at first! Until I heard … [Read More...]


Elli: Bikini Suck

Elli Sucks Cock In Her Bikini! I could feel you watching me in my skimpy gold micro-kini as you washed the car. Your cock was nearly ripping through your shorts! Now you're going to get what you wanted -- a sexy bikini blowjob! I don't know if I should let you cum or not, though... I might want to … [Read More...]


Kris Ann: Doggie Fuck

Kris Ann Gets Pounded From Behind! (HD Video with Cumshot!) I want you to sit back in the corner over there like a good little boy that you are. Now pull out your soft cock and start tugging it. I want it nice and hard for me as you watch me suck and fuck like a slut that I am…hehe I will let you … [Read More...]


Dawn Marie: Mustache Momma

Dawn Marie Wants a Mustache Ride I am not sure when this whole mustache craze started, especially with the girls getting on board, but I must say it is damn funny. I have niece that is mustache crazy and always wearing fake mustaches and wearing mustache accessories.  I find it quite funny and it … [Read More...]


Angel: Hurry Home, I’m Waiting.

Lone Star Angel In Fully Fashioned Nylon & Stockings! You leave the house each morning before I wake up, and you rush home to make dinner for me because you know how hungry I am when I walk in the door after a long day in the office. Tonight, however, I propose we have dessert first, dining … [Read More...]

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