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Updated 26-Nov-14

Welcome to Sexy Miss Lizz's
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Wooo-Hooo ya made it thanks for coming in! As you can tell this isn't one of those "big-flashy-corporate-sites." (refreshing huh?) This is my very own personal site that I built myself and I consider YOU my guest! Heck I'd offer you a beer but I can't figure out how to convert it into html. Anyway In case ya haven't noticed I'm not a young professional model or anything like that. Hell, I'm 48 years old and got 5 friggen kids, so if you're looking for "Barbie" the bitch aint here! (haha) Basically I'm just an average house wife like the lady next door, only difference is I don't wear an apron. OK enough talk. . ya ready ready to have some fun? Just make yourself comfy, loosen up them pants, (better yet, why not just take them off *wink*) and I'll be happy to show you around. Want to learn about me CLICK HERE FOR MY FULL BIO!

The Latest Porn Updates from Sexy Miss Lizz

Mistress In Leather ~ HD Video 13:19 mintues

I am hot for you cock as I give you jerk off instructions in my leather thigh high boots. But of course you must wait for me to cum first because I am the boss and it's always about me. After I cum I will count down to 10 and demand your load all over my leather vest and tits. I am so hot in this video as I dominate your cock, put you right on the edge and take control of your cum. So be a good jerky slave and please me well or I might step on your balls with my boots!

Stripes or Solids ~ 54 Pictures

During my visit to see Faith in Arizona I got to meet a new webgirl named Gia. Because Gia is new to the business Faith and I thought it would be fun to show her the ropes by playing a friendly game of pool. When I asked Gia if she would like to be stripes or solids she said that she would rather be naked and started stripping off her clothes. hahaha Obviously It didn't take Gia long to feel comfortable with other women so we ended up playing an even better game of our own!

Deep In Pinks ~ 1 Hour Video

Watch me tease, tantalize, and seduce you for 1 hour as I show off my hot body in sexy pink lace panties. Then when I cannot take it any longer I finally pleasure myself good and deep! There is some amazing Close-Up POV action in this 1 hour video.

Booty Shaking Queefs ~ 3:40 Video

In this video I bring booty shaking and ass clapping to a whole new level as I spread my meaty cheeks and blast sexy pussy farts from my juicy cunt. The feeling of a hot queef vibrating through my pussy and past my lips gets me so turned on and ready for your cock.

Love Getting naked 4 You ~ 9:12 Video

Ahhh there's nothing like a good old fashioned strip tease to get your blood flowing and make you dick nice and hard. The simple act of seduction is a womans best gift to men. So I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed stripping and getting naked for you!

Edging in Red ~ 1 Hour

During this weeks cam show I thought it would be fun to spice things up a bit and go Blonde. And let me tell you I was smoking hot. After I peeled off my tight red dress I shaved my pussy upclose and personal for all the viewers to enjoy, then I finger banged my smooth shaved cunt POV style. I brought myself to the edge of ecstasy several times while teasing myself beyond belief. But I couldn't hold out any longer and finally came with a Exploding Bang! All that teasing and edging really did the trick.

Pump it Up ~ 13:18 Minutes

Watch Ashley Dobbs show Sexy Miss Lizz how to use a clit pump for the very first time. Ashley is a clit pumping pro as she pumps her clit to almost 2 inches long, then she helps Lizz pump her clit as well. They both take turns spreading each others legs and getting kinky with their big fat swollen pumped up clits

Drunk & Horny ~ 7:37 Minutes

It's Saturday night and Ashley and I just got back from the bar. There were tons of guys hitting on us and buying us drinks all night, so naturally we got drunk and horny. But because we are good girls and not into "one night stands" we saved ourselves until we got home. Now we can enjoy a little house party of our own with our huge strap-on. Drunk, Horny and ready to CUM - in HD

Naughty in Nappies Outside ~ 17 Minutes

Ashley and I had so much fun putting nappies on each other outside on her deck. But the best part was trying to hide from the neighbors. We started out completely naked so sneaking around was a challenge, but as soon as we put on our nappies it was a turn on as well. The warm sun felt so good beating down on our tits and the whole experience was a major turn on because we love being naughty and silly outside. . . .especially in nappies.

Lucky Banana ~ 1 Hr. Video

Out of all the cam shows I've done I'm proud to say this one is the BEST!!! And with bananas selling for only .79 Cents a pound you can bet I stocked up!!! hahaha It's going to be a fruitful fun day for me and my lucky banana.

Dirty School Girl ~ 1 Hr. Video

Today I am dressed up like a naughty little school girl with extremely dirty socks. I love to show off my sexy little skirt and pig tails for all you horny perverted men and foot fetish fans who like dirty socks. I love making all your dirty, naughty and perverted fantasies cum true : )

Sheerly Wet & Sexy ~ 17:32 Video

I just got back from a long shopping spree and I'm extremely worn out, but it's nothing that a nice warm bath wont cure. So I fill the tub with soothing water and massive loads of bubbles. There's no time to get undressed so I slowly get in and soak every inch of my body while still wearing my clothes. Finally I get undressed and soak my voluptuous body wrapped in sexy sheer silk and creamy suds.

Creamy In My Chaps ~ 1 Hour Video

I am all dressed up in my leather chaps and ready to go on a ride. But I am feeling a little horny and need to cum. So I spread my legs and rub one out before we leave. I couldn't believe how creamy I got in my leather chaps. . .just the way you bad boys like it!!! Ripe and ready for your cock!

Purple Hooters ~ 8:50 Video

Enjoy this tantalizing video featuring my big wet breasts getting washed, rinsed, and massaged in the bath. It sure feels good to fondle myself but it would feel even better if you were here to help me.

Meow ~ 1 hour Video

Today I had so much fun showing off my sexy cat outfit while making my pussy purrrrr and taking it up the ass. I always get nice and hot when I have a room full of men watching. Meow.

Red Hot ~ 1 hour Video

During today's cam show I decided to show off my sexy new outfit that is smoking hot and shows lots of skin. Of course I didn't keep it on too long cause I was on fire and needed to cum. So I shoved a long red dildo inside my creamy cunt and exploded with juicy goodness. I was on fire today!!!

Ladies First ~ 11:35 Video

Ashley Dobbs and I are two cock teasing milfs all dolled up in our sluty dresses, super high heels, and thigh high boots. We tell you how to jack off your cock but you are not allowed to cum until we cum first! I have a huge realistic dildo and Ashley has a HITACHI wand! We both spread our legs, masturbate and cum so HARD & LOUD. Now that you are so turned on watching us cum it's finally your turn to jack off!!! We use our dildos for your masturbation instruction while we suck them and stick them between our massive tits! We have so much fun using and abusing your cock for our masturbating pleasure.

Rubbing one out Before the Kids Wake Up ~ 1 Hr. Video

During this weeks cam show I was extra naughty. Because it's Summer Vacation my kids are home from school and last night they had a sleep over. So right next door in my sons room there are 8 boys fast asleep. . . so I think. hehehe It really turns me on jacking off knowing they might be listening or better yet, wishing they were in here watching : )

Manhandling Ashleys Big Giant Boobs ~ 11:07 Video

This video is dedicated to all you Big Boob Lovers and those who wish you could squish, suck, spank and play with a set of big boobs. For the next 11 minutes I had the pleasure of manhandling Ashley's big tits and it was the best 11 minutes of my life! And she enjoyed it too!

Sexy Shower & Shampoo ~ 14:12 Video

In this video you will see Ashley Dobbs and I get out wet on! First we take turns soaking our sheer white shirts so our big tits and nipples are exposed through our wet t-shirts, then we wash each other hair while enjoying the thick rich lather slap down on our wet tits and ass. We love the feeling of our sexy shower & shampoo so much we both finally get each other off with intimate lesbian play.

Giantess in Boots ~ 1 Hr. Video

In case you missed my free weekly cam show don't worry all my shows are archived so you can enjoy them later at your own convenience. Plus I do alot of POV action for all my boot fetish and giantess fans too.

Wet Seduction ~ 8:51 Min. Video

Mmmm I just love getting WET for you! It feels so good when the water soaks my hair and drenches my shirt so my big tits and nipples poke right through. I wish you were here right now taking a shower with me. I could sure use a hand and a nice hard cock!

Special Panties ~ 1 Hour Video

Today is my birthday and I have a special pair of panties I want to share with you. So I wear them on my live cam show and show them off for 1 hour!!! My favorite part is the open crotch. Mmmm I can play with my pussy and fuck it raw without even taking them off.

Hog Tied & Tickled ~ 19:32 Video

Lizz hasn't been paying her rent so Ashley takes matters into her own hands. Ashley makes Lizz take off all of her clothes then spanks her bottom good and hard. Then Ashley gets out her BIG huge cock and makes Lizz suck until she gags. Ashley shoves her dirty feet into Lizz's mouth then forces Lizz to her fuck herself until she squirts all over Ashley's couch. Finally Ashley hog ties Lizz and tickles her like crazy all while she is video taping this for the neighbors to see! Perhaps now Lizz will remember to pay her rent on time, unless she enjoys being hog tied and ticked.

Oozing with Pleasure ~ 1 Hour Video

During today's cam show I was on fire!!! And I certainly didn't hold back. After I stripped off my sexy jeans and pink bra I fingered my creamy cunt until I exploded with creamy cum. I came so hard oozed all over my fingers and chair. This was the creamiest and most pleasurable orgasm of the year!

Finger Fuck & Spanking Raw ~ 12:58 Video

Ashley is so pretty in her sexy bra and panties but I am sick and tired of her getting all the attention. So today I will teach her a lesson for always hogging the spot light. I force her to lick my creamy cunt like the pussy licking slut she is. Then I humiliate her 4 fingers deep like the finger fucking bitch needs. Next I will spank her good and hard until her ass is swollen, raw and red! Maybe now if I show her who the real boss is she won't be such an attention whore.

Creamy in my Catsuit & Thigh High Boots ~ 1 Hour Video

In honor of 4-20 I know this update will surely get you high! I start out by showing off my new catsuit and my favorite pair of sizzing red hot thigh high boots! The only thing that will make this video completely is cumming on my glass dildo. Mmmmm this was one of my best shows to date!

Good & Hard ~ 8:48 Video

In this video you will see me give it to AshleyDobbs good and hard. First I show off my sexy new catsuit then I make Ashley suck my HUGE strap on cock right before I fuck her massive cleavage. Then I force it in her horny cunt as I finger her tight asshole with my thumb. Ashley loved it so much I made her scream with orgasmic pleasure!

Pool Party with Faith ~ 60 Pictures

Everyone knows how hot it is in Arizona, so why my girlfriend chose to have a summer wedding is beyond me. Faith and I were honored to be in the wedding but couldn't wait to come home and cool off, so we left the wedding reception early.. We knew if we jumped in the pool we would ruin our designer gowns but we were so hot we just didn't care. Ahhh it felt so good to soak our dresses and swim in our long gowns. But licking each others pussies was even better!

Hot & Creamy ~ 1 Hour Video

During today's cam show I was on FIRE!!! I started out in my tight leather red pants then I took it deep in the ass with my favorite butt plug. I came so hard I thought I was going to explode. Then I got to enjoy a creamy dessert. Mmmm what a sweet treat. I was definitely hot and creamy today!

Purrrfect Pussy ~ 1 Hour Video

In case you missed my free weekly cam show don't worry, all my shows are archived so you can enjoy them later at your own convenience. In this weeks show I decided to wear my sexy little kitty outfit, and it sure felt good to make my kitty purrrr!. Join my inside for a full hour of POV, camel toe, feet, boobs, and sweet purrring pussy!

Smoky BlowJob ~ 7:05 Video

While my girlfriends and I were getting drunk we decided to have a competition to see who could give the best smoky blow job. I was the judge of course and had fun determining a winner, especially when I used my Strap-On. Just imagine that is YOUR cock getting surrounded by luscious lips and thick clouds of billowing smoke.

Hot & Sticky ~ 1 Hour Video

I just got done working out and am extremely hot and sticky. My tank top is so tight my wet breasts & nipples are poking through. Finally I take off all my clothes and leave a creamy treat on my glass dildo for you to enjoy. Mmmmmm my whole body is hot, sticky and delicious

T-Shirt & Panties ~ 1 Hour Video

In case you missed my free weekly cam show don't worry all my shows are archived so you can enjoy them later at your own convenience. In this weeks show I decided to keep it simple and stay in the same clothes I slept in, a T-Shirt & Panties. Cause after all. . .sometimes less is more!

Butt Wrestling Fun ~ 10:13 Min. Video

It's a butt wrestling match between Ashley Dobbs and Sexy Miss Lizz. Who has the biggest and strongest butt? Lots of butt pushing, ass smashing, face sitting, butt shaking, tush twerking, fanny flexing and butt wrestling fun!

Soapy Breasts ~ 13:32 Min. Video

The best part about taking a bath is the thick rich lather on my tits. I love to rub it around my breasts and over my nipples too. The slick soapy feeling really turns me on!

Holes & Slits ~ 1 Hour Video

Ahhh there's nothing hotter than a horny woman all dressed up and ready to tease. So during this weeks cam show I decided to show off some skin. I wear my sexy nude heels to show off my bare legs,and this amazing dress with holes and slits in all the right places. I imagine your hands sliding through then squeezing my big tits and nipples. Then I feel your fingers slide deep inside me and wiggle around. I fuck myself vigorously and cum instantly!

Fast & Hard ~ 7:37 Min. Video

While most of the time I enjoy cuddling and 4-play, I admit that sometimes I like it fast and hard! So don't think that you men are the only ones who get horny and need a good hard fuck. Sometimes us woman do too, especially after a long Harley Ride!

Slippery Banana ~ 1 Hour Video

In case you missed my free members cam show don't worry all my shows are recorded so you can enjoy them later at your own convenience. And thank goodness because this show was the best! I poured oil all over my naked body then fucked myself with a slippery banana. OMG the bananas came out hot and creamy after I covered it in cum. This is definitely my hottest show to date and you can see it all inside!

Morning Bath ~ 11:45 Video

Ahhhh there's nothing better than starting my day off with a nice morning bath. The warm water feels so good caressing my skin and the lather feels even better. I get great pleasure taking my baths especially with my clothes on. The only thing that would make this bath better is if your hard cock was between my legs! But of course I can fantasize *wink*

Cookie & Cream ~ 1 Hour Video

In this weeks cam show I was requested to pour cream on my tits. Mmmm it felt so good so I poured it on my pussy too, then I came in my sexy thigh high boots. Clean-up was delicious!

Leather & Ass ~ 10:44 Video

This video was made as a special request for a fan who loves "Ass Worship" and "Leather." So we surprised him with a very sexy video where I worship Ashley's ass then take it good and hard with Ashley's leather strap-on while wearing my sexy leather thigh high boots. I think we did a good job bringing his two fantasies together . . . and more!

Forced to Cum ~ 15:02 Video

Ashley and I put on some sexy corsets over our big thick nappies! Then Addison Lynne came into the room and saw us dancing around. Addy was a little shocked and wasn't so sure about putting one on too, but we forced one on her anyway! Then we pulled out some naughty toys and forced Addy to cum in her nappy several times. Ashley and I were determined to prove to Addy that wearing a nappy feels good. Addy finally agrees and continues to enjoy the experience.

Extra Naughty in Spandex ~ 1 Hour Video

This is a special cam show dedicated to all my spandex fans and lovers of skin tight pants. These sexy pants gave me most amazing camel toe and made my ass look spankable & delicious. I love showing off in my spandex pants so much that I end up having a orgasm in them too. Guess Santa won't be bringing me any present this year because I am extra naughty!

Pantyhose & Hard Nipples ~ 1 Hour Video

In this weeks cam show I wore my pantyhose under my jeans so when I finally took them off it was a nice surprise for all my nylon legs and panty hose fans. And because I did my cam show on one of the coldest days in California my nipples were extra hard. Of course it didn't take me long to warm up with all that silky friction on my clit. Oh yeah jacking off never felt better!

Holiday Bath ~ 15:02 Video

I just love taking baths in my big giant tub. Especially when the temperatures outside reach below 30. It may be freezing cold outside but it's nice and warm in here. The thick rich lather feels so good on my long hair, my big beautiful breasts, and my big hard nipples. I guess you could say I have a real bathtub fetish because being wet and warm really turns me on, and I get to do my laundry at the same time. hehehe It sure beats holiday shopping. I might just stay here until the New Year!

4 Orgasms ~ 1 hour Video

In honor of my 4th cam show I decided to treat my fans to 4 organs. And they were HOT!!! I used 2 different toys and had the best anal experience of my life. The only think better then getting fucked in the ass is getting fucked 4 times, WOW!!! Join me inside and watch me CUM 4 times!

Sexy Dresses & Pads ~ 4:10 minute Video

If you think you've seen it all well you haven't seen nothing yet. In this video you will see Ashley Dobbs and I dance in our sexy dresses then we take turns changing each others pads. All that touching, rubbing, and grinding got us so turned on we both take turns masturbating and cumming on each others pads.

Feet Treat ~ 14:10 minute Video

This is a special video dedicated to all my foot fetish fans and lovers of stockings and heels. Ashley Dobbs, SexyKarenFisher, and myself have a good time rubbing, smelling, and playing with each others feet. Then we give you a little pov action of all the fun. So if you admire woman's feet and love the smell of their shoes, you are sure to love this video.

Puss & Boots ~ 1 hour Video

In case you missed my free weekly cam show don't worry. All my shows are archived so you can enjoy them later at your own convenience. In this weeks show I decided to jack off in my leather boots, and it sure felt good!. Join my inside for a full hour of wet pussy and thigh high boots!

Upskirt, Feet, POV, Cam Show ~ 1 hour Video

In case you missed my free weekly cam show don't worry. All my shows are archived so you can enjoy them at your own convenience. This weeks show was so hot. I did alot of upskirt, feet, and Giantess POV. And of course I had an amazing orgasm at the end. So join me inside and download this 60 minute long video of me getting naughty and having fun!

Feels So Good ~ 10:56 minute Video

Tonight I am going on a date, but first I need to wash my clothes and shampoo my hair as well. So I can't think of a better way than to do it all together in the tub. Washing my body, clothes, and hair at the same time not only saves time but is fun as well. Ahhhh. . . not to mention. . . it feels so good!

Drunken Bridesmaids ~ 6:32 minute Video

Everyone knows how hot it gets in Arizona, so why my girlfriend chose to have a summer wedding is beyond me. Faith and I were honored to be in the wedding but couldn't wait to come home and cool off. We knew if we jumped in the pool we would ruin our designer gowns but we were so drunk we just didn't care. Ahhh it felt so good. But licking each others pussies and making each other cum was even better! Mmmmmmm I wonder if the bride had this much fun?

Wet & Ready ~ 12:41 minute Video

Taking a bath is one of my favorite things to do, especially when there are lots of bubbles. The warm water feels so good on my skin and the soft frangrant bubbles put me in a sexy mood. So why wait to get undressed when I can jump right in and get Wet & Ready for you!


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