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I knew you wouldn't be able to resist seeing me in action! I don't blame you really - there is something about seeing AND hearing every little thing as it happens! If there is some sort of video you don't see here that you would like to, let me know! I love to fulfill your fantasies!

Wishes (Wide Angle HD Go Pro video!) - I want you to wish any one of these men in this video was you, but I REALLY want you to wish it is the man getting his cock sucked and then shoving that hard cock deep in my pussy and pumping it hard! CLICK HERE!
Kristine the CockSucker (Wide Angle HD Go Pro video!) - While playing at a party, I notice a gentleman waiting his turn on the bed and I decide he shouldn't have to wait! I want that BBC however way I can have it and if that means on my knees and in my mouth, well that's what it is going to be! CLICK HERE!
I Wanna Fuck (3+ min. Wide Angle Go Pro video!) - After getting that cock ready with my mouth, I decided it was time to get that cock in my wet pussy! After all, I was needing some relief!

Well as soon as I started fucking, of course another cock came by wanting me to suck and he fucked my face as good as I was fucking that cock in my pussy! Watch as I bounce, gag, cum, fuck and suck! CLICK HERE!

Oh FFS! Again? (4+ min. Wide Angel Go Pro video!) - HELL YEA! I just can't get enough of cocksucking! And since you guys loved the last video so much, well how could I resist giving you MORE! I do understand greediness! heehee

This cock, not only do I suck, but I gag allllll over it! You even hear me talking about how I would hold the camera if he wanted to shoot his load right into it! And there are glimpses of my next cock standing in line!

Enjoy this video on your Apple products too! Now you can take me with you when you go out even! Never know when you need a "Kristine" fix! CLICK HERE FOR SUCKING AND THE GAGGING!

Call Me a Cougar (5+ min. Wide Angel Go Pro video!) - You liked the photos now you can see me AND hear me as I fuck, suck, and cum all over this young cock.

I wasn't waiting for the party to start, I wanted this young cock and I wanted it right now! And when my pussy wants something well I'm always happy to oblige! heehee Over 5 minutes of being right THERE with me, baby! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Cheap Hotel Fuck (6+ min. HD 1280 x 720 video!) - This video goes with my latest picture update of my naughty, nasty, one night stands! Over 6 mins of Hi Def fucking and cumming! I do NOT waste any time getting right to it! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Impromptu (6+ min. HD 1280 x 720 video!) - This is truly just a little impromptu video that I shot while on the down south to go to a few antique shops! There isn't much anything better to me than cumming and shopping! heehee CLICK HERE AND SEE ME HORNY ON THE HIGHWAY!
Leather Makes me HOT! (2+ min. HD 1280 x 720 video!) - So you already know how much I adore corsets, but did you realize I love leather almost as much? So when I put this on, the only thing that could make it better is stockings ... Oh yeah, that's included too! How much hotter can I get? Tied into a leather corset, with silky stockings attached to the garters and my lace panties included - needless to say I need a cock right NOW! You wanna help me out with that part? I need a big, thick, long cock shoved deep into my soaking wet snatch! I gotta feel that cock sliding into my pussy and I want nothing more than you to feel my sweet pussy juices covering that hard dick! CLICK HERE FOR THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB WITH MY BIG PINK DILDO!
Naked for the Neighbors (16+ min. Video) - There are days when I just want to have a little "me" time and this is a video showing you some of the things I do to relax! This video was spur of the moment and shot completely by myself, so it is undeniably the "Real me!" CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Record Crushing Bitch (12+ min. Video) - Do you like watching big girls step on and crush things? Do you like feet? This 12+ minute video has got it all! Watch as I "accidentally" step on your favorite old LP! And then smash and crush it to bits! Guess that's the last time you'll forget my birthday! CLICK HERE TO WATCH ALL THE CRUSHING ACTION!
Peeing Outdoors (7+ min. Video) - In this video you get to see UP CLOSE shots of me pissing for you! It almost hits you right in the face, in fact! I get it everywhere, all over my stockings, all over the deck - literally, everywhere! And that turns me on enough that I've GOT to rub my pussy until I have a huge orgasm! CLICK HERE to watch this super hot peeing video in HD size!
Lesbian Bondage (12+ min. Video) - My very good friend, Jessie Charm, is not quite the sweet girl you might think! Oh no, she can be VERY dominating, and she does it ohh so well! In this 12 minute video watch as she whips, beats, and taunts me while I'm tied up! She's even got my big tits bound up and puts clothespins on them! Oh yes, she definitely CAN be just that harsh! And I can't wait to do it again! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS SUPER HOT12+ MIN. LESBIAN VIDEO!
Playing Games (14+ min. Video) - I love to play games and even more so when they are sex games! In this video, you've tied my huge tits up and left! You left strict instructions on what I can and can't do while you're away, but dammit you know how hard it is for me to follow the rules! CLICK HERE to see this 14 minute bondage video!
Looney 'Looners! (6+ min. Video) - You know how silly I can be! So, of course, I am gonna love balloons! And until I got into this business, I had NO idea that there were actually a whole group of people that are sexually attracted to popping balloons! This update is a collection of different times I have played with some balloons AND a video of me blowing and blowing and blowing! And yes, you get to hear me scream and jump when the balloon blows up in my face! CLICK HERE! This is really too funny to miss!
Fucking the Headboard (12+ min. Video) - I'd gotten one of those suction cup dildos and couldn't wait to try it out! Sticking it right to the headboard was ALMOST as good as having a cock come right through a little hole in the wall! heehee Up close shots of the dildo sliding in and out of my wet, juicy pussy in this video and of course, ending with another great orgasm! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO ON MY CLUB SIDE!
Four Fingers and a Sloppy Hole - I love the way baby oil feels gliding across my skin! Sometimes you just need a little more lube! Especially when you're going to try to shove something big in a tight place! Watch me oil up my whole body including my pretty shaved pussy! And when everything is that slippery and sloppy, well it feels so good to have my pussy FULL - so I've gotta shove ALL of my fingers deep in my wet snatch! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL 13 MINUTE VIDEO!
Old School Pissing on the Porch! - There are times when having to pee just is the wrong time! Outside, playing with my big tits and horny pussy and NOW? Really? This isn't the time I want to take to go inside and go potty - so I just grab a bowl and fill it almost all the way! Great close ups of me going potty while you watch! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB SIDE!
The Bathroom Slut - Getting ready to go out makes me horny - I have no idea why, but it does! Maybe it is just the thought of knowing all the dirty, naughty things I'll be doing later on! Many times, I make myself cum while I'm getting ready but this time I got caught fucking myself by JessieCharm! It didn't stop her any, she just helped me and then let me suck on her titties and lick her sweet pussy until she came! But that still wasn't enough for me, I got down on the bathroom floor and fucked my pussy hard with a big dildo until I cum in an explosive orgasm! CLICK HERE FOR 7 MINUTES OF HARD MASTURBATION AND THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Cum On My Ass - Watch as I deep throat and gag all over this hard cock, but you know after I start sucking I just want that cock deep in my pussy and he very willingly obliges! I always say that God didn't give me these hips for no reasons, they're handles! And boy did he know how to use my handles! He grabbed on and pounded my pussy until he couldn't hold it anymore and pulled that hard cock out and shot that load ALL over my big, juicy ass! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Masturbation (12+ minute vieo) - I love to masturbate! I love to fuck my own pussy because, well, dammit, I do it so well! LOL This video is plain and simple, me getting myself off! Playing with my nipples, sucking on my nipples and then right to the big pink vibe in my pussy fucking and pounding it just the way I like it! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 12+ MINUTE VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Pussy Licking Sluts (17+ minute vieo) - This is an older video that I did with Jessie Charm! She is so much fun and so damn sexy too! You can tell it was a long time ago because I don't yak the entire way through! But don't worry, the good stuff is still there! Pussy, titties, curvy blondes in stockings ... what on earth more could you ask for? Watch as I lick Jessie's pussy - yummy! And she fucks my pussy GOOD with a dildo until I cum! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 17+ MINUTE VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Golden Dildo (HD VIDEO) - In my last update, you saw me laying on a bed with my latest favorite toy - the Golden Dildo! Here is the video of when I decided I had had enough of taking pictures! Watch me as I fuck my wet pussy (you can even hear it sloshing in and out of my pussy!) until I cum! Why don't you cum with me?? CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Double Penetration! - I love to have my holes filled completely up! That includes everything from my wet pussy to my tight ass and sometimes, I like to have them filled at the same time! Just like now! CLICK HERE to watch me fill my tight ass up with a tail butt plug and then fuck my pussy with not one, but 3 dildos until I cum so loud and hard!
Gagging On Cock w/big facial! - I love to suck cock! It is one of my favorite things to do! I've been sucking cock for as long as I can remember! I've never had any complaints about the way I slurp and lick that dick, BUT I don't deep throat! I just can't do it - believe me I have tried! Some days I do get it farther down my throat than others but generally speaking - I just gag! My reflex must be way too sensitive or something! But as I said, I've never had any complaints, I think it is because I DO gag and just keep on sucking ... that shows how much I love doing it! And hell, I get an A for effort, right? CLICK HERE to see my suck and gag on this cock - and of course, end it with a face full of hot sticky cum!